SPECIAL ISSUE/REPLAY – Luxury, NFT & Metaverse: value at the heart of Web3.

At the end of its last webinar, the Journal du Luxe unveils its new Out of Series. An exclusive 77-page white paper, supplemented by a 2:20 video replay and dedicated to the contributions and challenges of Web3 for the Luxury sector.

A special file devoted to Luxury in the age of Web3.

Metaverse, NFT, POAP, blockchain, crypto-wallet… In just under two years, the luxury sector has found itself confronted with a whole new vocabulary with tech accents. Very quickly adopted by certain segments early adopters – watchmaking and jewelery in the lead -, these virtual initiatives have since infused other categories, from fashion to beauty via the automobile, gastronomy or even high-end hotels.

But while this ecosystem under construction sees new uses flourish every day, what challenges does Web3 pose? If the prospect of new opportunities and new fields of expression appeals to many luxury players, the accessibility of these models, their durability or their legal framework raise many questions…

About thirty Luxury, NFT and Metaverse experts.

Key figures, timeline, glossary, major fundamentals, reflections
: an unmissable Special Edition file nourished by around thirty interviews and interventions by experts.

  • David Klingbeil, Global Insights Manager Luxury & Beauty – GOOGLE
  • Stéphane Truchi, CEO – FIFG
  • Stefano Rosso, CEO – BVX (OTB Group)
  • Joel Hazan, Co-founder – BOSTON CONSULTING GROUP
  • Karinna Nobbs, Co-founder – THE DEMATERIALIZED
  • Pierre-Nicolas Hurstel, CEO – ARIANEE
  • Natalia Modenova, Daria Shapovalova, Olga Chernysheva, Co-founders and CSO – DRESS X
  • Michael Bouhanna, Natively Digital Sales Manager – SOTHEBY’S
  • Sebastian Orellano, Co-founder – POAP.fr
  • Merav Griguer, Lawyer – IBRD&IBRD
  • Marc Petit, VP and General Manager – UNREAL ENGINE / EPIC GAMES
  • Grand Paterson, Head Of Gaming & Esports – PRISM WUNDERMAN THOMPSON
  • Maud Funaro, Chief Transformation Officer – SPRING
  • Bob Sinclar- dj
  • Olivier Rivard-Cohen, Founder – CACIO AND PEPE
  • Claire Balva, Stanislas Barthelemi, Co-founder and Consultant – BLOCKCHAIN ​​PARTNER by KMPG
  • Antonio Carriero, Chief Digital and Technology Officer – BREITLING
  • Gautier Pigasse, Head of Innovation & Blockchain – LVMH
  • Raphaël Bloch, Journalist specialized in finance and Web3
  • Théo GEINTER, Virtual Clothing Developer
  • Sophie Abriat, Journalist – THE WORLD
  • Violaine Gressier, Global Luxury Industry Manager – META GROUP
  • Gachoucha Kretz, Associate Professor in Marketing – HEC
  • Camille Truchot, Lawyer – GIDE LOYRETTE NOUEL
  • Géraldine Blanche, Researcher – SCIENCES PO PARIS SCHOOL OF LAW
  • Ian Rogers, Chief Experience Officer – LEDGER
  • Olivier Moingeon, Co-founder – EXCLUSIVE
  • Sébastien Borget, Co-founder and COO – THE SANDBOX
  • Gaspard Girou, Founder – GAROU
  • Vincent Burgevin, CEO – SKYBOY
  • Sandrine Deveaux, Executive Vice President of Future Retail – FARFETCH

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SPECIAL ISSUE/REPLAY – Luxury, NFT & Metaverse: value at the heart of Web3.

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