Squeezie, McFly and Carlito: their NFT was finally sold for this big sum

The NFT created by Squeezie, McFly and Carlito has been talked about a lot since its creation, nine days ago. We propose today to know more about the sum generated by the latter, and on its buyer.

The story of this nft

Released 9 days ago, McFly and Carlito’s video titled “We Call Random People feat. Squeezie Strikes Back” been buzzing since its release.

Initially, this video was created with the aim of echoing McFly and Carlito’s channel video which currently has the most views (28 million views), and which was titled “We call random people in our phones feat. Squeezie”. Among the surprises that Youtubers have reserved for us, we note in particular the creation of an NFT for a very particular call from Squeezie, NFT created largely by McFlywhich corresponds to this image:

Squeezie McFly and Carlito their NFT was finally sold for

The NFT named “Binny “Wesh the Zone”” from Squeezie, McFly and Carlito.

The creation of such an NFT comes from a joke of the trio of Youtubers, but the idea of ​​​​offering it at auction quickly appeared during the video, in order to pay all the money generated by its sale to the French Secours Populaire. And the sale, made two days ago, promises a substantial sum to the association.

A recent sale

The sale of NFT in question was concluded on March 13, 2022, and the user The_Major acquired it at a price of 5.1 WETH, the equivalent of approximately 11,720 euros.

1648905536 242 Squeezie McFly and Carlito their NFT was finally sold for

The purchaser, who responds in the name of Anthony Gonnet Vandepoorteis an entrepreneur, and currently realizes certification at Harvard.

1648905536 452 Squeezie McFly and Carlito their NFT was finally sold for

A nice sum acquired, which will allow Youtubers to make a significant donation to the French People’s Relief. On the other hand, if you want to know which Youtubeur has recently been the subject of serious accusations concerning minors, you can consult our previous file on the subject.

UPDATE from Tuesday March 15 at 12:15 p.m.:

Interview with Anthony Gonnet Vanderpoorte

Anthony agreed to answer some of our questions, and to arrange its tight agenda for this purpose. This young entrepreneur, who currently owns several companies specializing in the development of smart contractstraining, investment, and which has been certified at Harvard for 2 years, is indeed the new purchaser of the NFT of Squeezie, McFly and Carlito “Binny Wesh the Zone”.

1648905536 656 Squeezie McFly and Carlito their NFT was finally sold for

With the democratization of cryptocurrencies, Anthony, alias “Major” on the networks, who previously dispensedtraining for companiesbegan to offer training to individuals in order to popularize this technology. If he chose to acquire this NFT, it is above all to serve the good cause. The cryptocurrency field tends to be frowned upon by the general public, and some would-be buyers might have simply chosen to acquire McFly’s work. for speculative purposes, and with the sole objective of making money on resale, giving reasons to the detractors of these technologies. However, the time may have come, according to Anthony, to consider the good that NFTs, and the field of cryptocurrency in general, can represent. NFTs can also serve a good cause, and in particular through a simple donation to an association, and Anthony shows us. At the question “what will become of this NFT in the future?”the latter explains to us that he will certainly remain for an indefinite time in his gallery, following a desire to collect.

Anthony Gonnet Vandepoorte has indeed been interested in new technologies for years and he just wants to leave it visible in his OpenSea gallery to protect the integrity of this acquisition. And if you want to know more about his work, you can click on the next link.

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Squeezie, McFly and Carlito: their NFT was finally sold for this big sum

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