Stade Toulousain goes to NFT

Stade Toulousain will offer its supporters NFTs, digital property titles. The club is thus entering the third generation of the Internet.

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It is the first rugby club to launch. Stade Toulousain will soon enter the world of NFTs. This English acronym means “non-fungible token”, that is to say a “non-fungible token” in French. This corresponds to a digital title deed.

At first, these are 18,754 NFTs (equivalent to the number of seats at the Ernest-Wallon stadium) which will be distributed to subscribers, then to all supporters, and this, in an extremely simple way. Thanks to Arianee technology, users will simply have to click on a link or scan a QR code distributed to the community, but also in the stadium on the occasion of the reception of Biarritz Olympique for the last match of the season. regular, ”announces the club.

Then, the Stade Toulousain indicates that “ with reference to the club’s founding date, 1,907 premium NFTs will be returned accessible only to owners of one of the 18,754 free NFTs of the season. These premium NFTs can be obtained in three ways: 15% of them for free, via a draw, 40% sold at a price of 30 euros including tax, 40% sold in cryptocurrency at a price of 0.015 ETH. The remaining 5% are inaccessible, as they are reserved for players, partners and club players. » Premium NFT holders will get a personalized and named scarf.

By engaging in NFTs, the Reds and Blacks land in the “web3″, the third generation of the Internet. This refers to a more free, decentralized and independent environment both from states and from digital giants like Google and Facebook.

Stade Toulousain is riding the NFT trend

NFT is one of the 150 words that will enter the next edition of Larousse in 2023, as announced by the dictionary publisher. Tokens are defined as follows in the publication: “Non-reproducible and tamper-proof digital file representing a unique asset, virtual or physical object (work of art, tweet, piece of music, etc.), which is listed in a blockchain and to which associated with a digital certificate of authenticity and ownership”.

It must be said that NFTs are in vogue. Adam Mosseri, head of Instagram, announced Monday, May 9 that “American creators and collectors will be able to share NFTs” on the social network this week. Users can then share them on their profile, in stories or on messaging. Also, the Illuminart company and the Rooftop Production and Karlab studios are working on an animated feature film, the financing of which goes through the NFTs.

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Stade Toulousain goes to NFT

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