Stade Toulousain revolutionizes rugby and launches its NFT collection

Culture, e-commerce, sport, NFTs or non-fungible tokens are absolutely everywhere. These tamper-proof digital certificates can, for example, allow artists to generate sources of income for their work, or certain companies to grant premium services and build the loyalty of their community.

And this is precisely the strategy pursued by Stade Toulousain, the biggest European rugby club, which is launching its own collection. Let’s take stock of this innovative project that deserves some explanation.

How to get Stade Toulousain NFTs?

This is a first in the world of professional rugby. Stade Toulousain is launching a collection of 18,754 NFTs which will be distributed free of charge to supporters. If this number does not mean anything to you, know that it corresponds exactly to the total number of seats at the Stade Ernest Wallon, the club’s enclosure.

It’s society horrea, at the origin of a solution for digitizing the turnover of brands, which is advising the giant of French rugby in this project. Arianee, which has just recently raised 20 million euros, brings the technological brick to carry out this operation.

These non-fungible tokens will be distributed on June 5th during the last game of the season against Biarritz Olympique. To retrieve them, nothing could be simpler: all you have to do is scan a QR code distributed to the community but also in the Stadium. These collectible NFTs are a way to keep a souvenir of this 2021-2022 season at Stade Toulousain.

Premium NFTs for loyal supporters

This initiative does not stop there, since 1,907 Premium NFTs will then be offered. Again, this figure owes nothing to chance since it is the year in which Stade Toulousain was founded.

To acquire them, you will need to own one of the 18,754 free NFTs. Of this total, 15% will be distributed free of charge to the lucky winners of a draw. 40% will be sold at the price of 30 euros. 40% will be obtainable at the price of 0.015 ETH. Finally, the remaining 5% is reserved for players and club partners.

And precisely, the possession of an NFT Premium will give access to exclusive services. Thus, each owner will be assigned a personalized and named scarf. They will also be able to send their messages of support to the players through screens in the locker rooms and at the training center.

Prize draws will also give them access to exclusive experiences such as a videoconference with club players, or participation in a press conference.

“in the nature of the ST to be a precursor”

The leaders of Stade Toulousain wanted to explain the logic behind this project. Like Didier Lacroix, the president, who specifies: ” It is in the nature of Stade Toulousain to be a precursor and to open the way. The web3 raises many questions and this first experiment will allow us to learn so as not to miss this major revolution. This is why we thought of a complete system, accessible to all and with very high added value for our supporters. »

Vincent Bonnet, Marketing and Communication Director of Stade Toulousain, agrees: “ This is a first experiment for Stade Toulousain and more broadly for French rugby. We are therefore embracing web3 technology and deploying a simple, fun and value-added experience for our supporters and for the rugby community. We are delighted to rely on two leading partners in this area, Horrea and Arianee, in order to pass this first “drop” of NFT. »

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Stade Toulousain revolutionizes rugby and launches its NFT collection

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