Paris, April 7, 2022 – After its creation in June 2021, and a record year for NFTs, The Blockchain Group is taking a new step by unveiling a major extension of its Eniblock platform and becoming the first white label NFT platform in Europe. Thanks to its flexibility and performance, the platform is attracting more and more companies and entrepreneurs who wish to start in Web3.

A booming NFT market

Showing growth of more than 20,000%, the NFT market crossed the $22 billion mark in 2021. In very strong expansion, the market expects to reach $80 billion by 2025 (source: Jefferies Financial Group ).

Beyond its first markets, which are sport, luxury or art, NFTs and more generally Web3 will gradually become essential for other sectors such as real estate or industry.

In this Web3 revolution that all players will have to face, new technological offers will be developed in order to promote and simplify the integration of NFTs and Web3 in the different sectors.

It is in this context of transition of all markets to the Metaverse that the Eniblock platform was born. In order to provide all entrepreneurs with the simplest, most complete and scalable solution possible.

Eniblock: a gateway to the Metaverse

In June 2021, The Blockchain Group announced the launch of Eniblock, a complete suite of Blockchain products for Web3 entrepreneurs and businesses.

Today, the Eniblock platform aims to democratize and simplify the integration of NFTs within the various sectors using its white label application Create, in particular by:

  • Offering a user experience adapted to all users with payment for transactions in FIAT or crypto as well as wallet management fully integrated into the platform

  • Offering a fully configurable interface from the choice of payment methods to the configuration of transaction fees and marketplace rules

  • Integrating the choice of the best blockchain technologies including Tezos currently then later this year Polygon and Solana

Xavier Latil CEO of The Blockchain Group says “This white label platform definitely represents the best of what the TBG teams have achieved. Thanks to this strategic shift, The Blockchain Group has become a leading publisher of SaaS platforms in the world of solutions using blockchain technologies.»

A strong commercial acceleration in 2022

With more than 8000 auctions in a few hours, the launch of the application fanlivecardsthe first NFT marketplace dedicated to rugby, operating Eniblock, marks the first major milestone in its objective to become a benchmark technological player in France and internationally.

Since the beginning of the year, Eniblock already has more than a dozen new customers in various sectors including sport, luxury, social networks and real estate. By the end of the year, Eniblock intends to continue its strong growth by multiplying by 5 its number of customers and generating a business volume of more than 80 million euros through the platform.

Charles Kremer CEO of The Blockchain Xdev says “Our ambition to develop the “Shopify” of Web3 is taking shape. The launch of Fanlicards and our strong customer traction confirm our strategic positioning. Very soon we will unveil all the features of our platform that have won over our first customers. I take this opportunity to thank them for the confidence they have shown in us by being the first to have adopted our solution. »

To learn more about Eniblock, go to

Meet on April 12 at the Palais Brongniart (Paris) the teams of The Blockchain Group at the Paris NFT Day show to discuss your NFTs projects in Web3.

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