The community has voted, 20 Mint is in the starting blocks

We had a good discussion this week. Date, price, new visuals… We told you a lot more about the 20 Mint project, the launch of a free magazine dedicated to Web3 piloted by owners of virtual typewriters. Here is a short summary (faster to read than the French Constitution)…

1. Questions

The big meeting of this 3rd week was the AMA (Ask me anything), a question-and-answer session live on Discord set up on Wednesday just before the presidential debate. There were fewer punchlines than on the TV set, but we tried to explain to you how we were going to fight back the facade of the media together. The copro assembly is here…

2. Price

Very low abstention during our vote on Wednesday evening. We offered you to choose between three price levels, explaining what each of them allowed us to achieve and you chose… the most expensive. Finito small economies. Maximum ambition for our NFTs which will therefore be sold at 0.0999 eth (about 280 euros at the time of writing) and will allow us to publish a free magazine of 400,000 copies, to translate it into English for its digital version, to create a site reserved for the holders of the token and to set up a small investment fund managed by the community.

3. The date

Here’s a tweet from 2022 that you can print out on A4 and bring to your talk shows for years to come. You will find the date of our sale there: April 27th. If you are mintlisted (if you don’t know what that means, don’t search: you are not mintlisted), you have an appointment the day before to buy your NFT away from the crowd, at a reduced price (0 .0888eth).

4 The collection

Our Gérard Majax is called Théo Poisson, and he pulls typewriters out of his magician’s hat. Here are five new designs from 20 Mint’s NFT collection. Remember that each machine is a combination of 7 to 11 strokes assembled (almost) randomly by an algorithm. All machines will be unique, but some traits, rarer than others, will give your machine extra desirability. And you will only discover all this after you have purchased your model. “It’s a bit like Pokemon cards”, you will tell us. “Oh, ouch, ouch, ouch, stop confusing everything!” you will be told.

5. The professions of faith of the community…

We asked members of the Discord of the project why they believed in 20 Mint. Here is the selected answer, written by Gauthier#1735 :

“Getting involved in the 20 Mint project by buying an NFT typewriter means taking part in the creation of the first general public newspaper dedicated to Web 3.0 and joining a community that will actively participate in the democratization of Web 3.0 in France. By becoming a Mintor you will allow millions of French people to better understand web 3.0.”

There you go, we’ll see you on Wednesday for the public sale. We’re all really looking forward to it. You can’t see it yet. Me, I’m afraid it won’t be seen any more

We would love to give thanks to the author of this write-up for this outstanding content

The community has voted, 20 Mint is in the starting blocks

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