The different types of Sorare NFT cards

Sorare is a fantasy football game in which you collect NFT cards. These cards are useful to you during the bi-weekly competitions organized by the platform. With each new season, 1,111 new cards are created per player, including 1,000 in the limited category, 100 in the rare category, 10 in the super rare category, and one in the unique category. Discover the different types of NFT present on Sorare as well as their specificities!

Common cards are cards provided during registration, they are mainly used to test the platform. These are not NFT tokens: they are neither sellable nor exchangeable and are in unlimited quantity. Some can be earned by completing instructions that reward the player for each step completed in the game (create their team, modify their profile, buy their first card, etc.).

New: Sorare makes it a point of honor to bring new managers onto its platform. From the next “casual” competition, the first 100 in the ranking will receive a limited card against the first 3 previously. This will allow new managers to earn their first rewards and be able to participate in limited competitions more easily.

There are 1000 limited cards per season for each licensed player in the game. Known for their golden color, these are the least rare cards in Sorare, and usually the first ones users collect before progressing to the rarer cards. . With five limited cards that cover all positions, you can build a team that competes in limited card tournaments.

Unlike the previously mentioned cards, there are only 100 rare cards per player per season. These red cards are more difficult to acquire but they also offer better rewards. Indeed, with four rare cards, users can access new tournaments where they can not only win cards but also Ethereum, the main cryptocurrency of the game. Users who register more than 205 points receive the equivalent of $25 in ETH, while those who score more than 250 points get the equivalent of $50 in ETH.

The supply of super rare cards is also lower, with only 10 of them per player per season. Therefore, their price is higher but so are their rewards. With at least three of these cards, users can participate in new tournaments.

This is the ultimate level of cards available in the game, there is only one unique card per player per season. Users who own at least three of these collectible cards, in addition to two super rare cards, are eligible to participate in the unique global league. Needless to say, as the availability of unique cards is the lowest in Sorare, they are the most valued collectibles…

A badge representing a diamond with the writing “Legends” is present to distinguish them. These are the only cards representing players who are no longer playing on the field. They are playable only in the championship reserved for Legends. The latter allows you to win new prizes as well as new Legend cards.

They are printed in categories: limited, rare and super rare.

The Champions cards are the first cards on Sorare to depict a player in action on a football pitch. A badge as well as a new design differentiate the “Champions” cards from the other cards. As the name suggests, champion cards are issued only for clubs that have won the championship.

They are printed in categories: limited, rare and super rare.

Rookie cards are printed cards for players making their first professional season in a high level championship defined by Sorare.

They can also be printed for players aged 18 or under in certain leagues. These rookie cards are issued in the following rarities: Limited, Rare, Super Rare

NFT Sorare cards are many and varied. You can find cards released every season with different card designs like Rookie and Champions cards. Each (non-common) card is an NFT, therefore in essence a rare, unique, traceable and interoperable digital object. Join the Sorare adventure and collect NFTs of tomorrow’s nuggets and your favorite footballers.

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The different types of Sorare NFT cards

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