The Dubreuil group invests in NFT digital certificates

Edition of 15/04/2022

The Mary group acquires a twelfth Citroën dealership

The Mary group has taken over the Citroën business in Noyon, in the Oise, weighing 8 million euros in turnover, to integrate the activity into its Peugeot dealership, located next door, under the responsibility of the director , Franck Guelbone.


The Amplitude group adds Suzuki to its offer in Nevers

Already present in Nevers with the Ford and Kia brands since 2020, the Amplitude group is enriched with a third brand in the city, by taking over the Suzuki dealership in Nevers, the Garage Jacquey.


The Volkswagen group flirts with the 100,000 electric vehicles delivered this quarter

This quarter, the Volkswagen group delivered 20% fewer cars but 65% more electric vehicles, with a preference for Europe (59% of electric volumes) but a boom in deliveries in China (+ 360% ).


Why does the decision to separate thermal and electrical activities make sense?

After the equipment manufacturers, it is the turn of the manufacturers to tackle the separation of their activities. The trend was launched by Volvo, whose announcement of the separation of engine activities dates back to 2019, which became effective last year through Aurobay. Ford and Renault follow and will separate their thermal and electric activities.


Eric Girard reappointed as head of Mobilians’ SMAVA office

Eric Girard, Managing Director of Carglass, was re-elected President of the Multi-Brand Automotive After-Sales Service Business (SMAVA) at Mobilians.


Volkswagen: profit up in the first quarter, uncertainties linked to Ukraine

(AFP) – Automobile giant Volkswagen posted operating profit of 8.5 billion euros in the first quarter of 2022, according to preliminary figures published on Thursday, a rise of 77% year on year largely attributable to a accounting effect.


A Mercedes electric prototype travels 1,000 km without recharging

(AFP) – A prototype electric car from Mercedes-Benz has traveled 1,000 kilometers without recharging, with a battery similar in capacity to current models, a feat celebrated by the manufacturer as a “pioneer” in the battle for autonomy.


Category Around the car

Car thefts: the SUV targets of choice in Ile-de-France

(AFP) – Spacious, stuffed with electronics, fashionable… And so easy to steal: SUVs are the favorite target of thieves in Ile-de-France, who ship them to Africa.


Road safety: the list of pathologies incompatible with driving updated

(AFP) – Diabetes, Alzheimer’s, heavy motor and hearing disabilities: the list of pathologies incompatible or compatible under certain conditions with driving has been updated since Monday, the day after the publication of a decree in the official journal.


Fuel: the terms of application of the discount of 15 cts per liter

From April 1 and for 4 months, the Government will subsidize fuel up to 15 cents per litre. The FNA fears that small stations will be disadvantaged, despite a fixed advance of 3,000 euros granted to them.


Ghosn case: the Tokyo prosecutor’s office appeals the suspended sentence of Greg Kelly

(AFP) – Tokyo prosecutors appealed on Wednesday the six-month suspended prison sentence for financial embezzlement of a former collaborator of Carlos Ghosn at Nissan, Greg Kelly, against whom they had requested two years firm.


Mobilians start-ups propose to extend the conversion bonus to new forms of mobility

The 100 mobility start-ups gathered within Mobilians (ex-CNPA) are taking advantage of the elections to propose measures to support the population of large cities towards new mobility services.


Greg Kelly, ex-collaborator of Ghosn, sentenced to six months in prison suspended

(Reuters) – A Tokyo court on Thursday sentenced former Nissan Motor director Greg Kelly to a six-month suspended prison sentence for helping Carlos Ghosn, the Japanese automaker’s former chairman, hide part of his income.


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The Dubreuil group invests in NFT digital certificates

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