The first exhibition of NFT works in a French museum will take place in January


The Métaculture congress will offer from January 7 to 10, 2023 a meeting between the general public and Web3 at the Institut du Monde Arabe in Paris. For the first time in a French museum, more than 100 artists will exhibit their NFT works. The opportunity to introduce virtual art to as many people as possible.

Powered by the Malek Chebel Foundation, the Metaculture congress will be held from January 7 to 10, 2023 at the Arab World Institute in Paris under the academic direction of the UNESCO Innovation Transmission and Digital Edition (ITEN) chair, of the Maison des Sciences Foundation de l’Homme and the University of Paris 8. The free event will offer meetings, debates, virtual reality experiences, discovery workshops, exchanges with artists and will mark the start of the first exhibition of works NFT in a French museum.

Does crypto-art mark a major turning point in the history of art? What place does digital art have in the Arab world? What are the issues behind cryptocurrencies and crypto-assets? Should we be interested in the metaverse? All these issues will be at the heart of the event, which is aimed at both culture professionals and the general public.

“We have chosen to have an educational approach adapted to an uninformed public. The event is aimed at both the general public and cultural institutions. All are waiting to see this first occurrence”says Mikaïl Chebel, Founder of Métaculture.

An NFT exhibition that will be renewed regularly

The exhibition of NFT works will honor more than 100 artists from the Arab world, from Morocco to the border of Iraq. “It encompasses the Arabian Peninsula which stands at the forefront of digital art,” complete Mikaïl Chebel. In the room with 120 columns of the Institute of the Arab World will be arranged 50 screens, broadcasting the digital works. The exhibition will change regularly to make the public want to come back.

Several artistic trends will be presented: crypto-art, glitch-art (works based on the aestheticization of analog or digital errors), trash-art (waste becomes works of art). The artists are selected according to the quality of production and their pedigree. They must be born in the Arab world or live there.

Putting the artist back at the center of the trade in his works

Some of the exhibited works will be offered for sale. For the founder of Métaculture, NFTs make it possible to put the artist back at the center of the creation and sale of his works: “NFTs give it access to a second market. Until now, he was dispossessed of his work once sold. Thanks to the blockchain, he can know who buys it and enjoys a 10% commission on each resale”. This is due to the public nature of the blockchain. As soon as a transaction is carried out, the identity of the buyer is known to everyone and entered in the NFT file. A smart contract can itself be backed by the NFT file. It is this computer protocol that will trigger the possible commission for each resale.

An obvious link between the real and the virtual

“The beauty of this adventure is to democratize contemporary art by introducing it to a new audience that is not yet in the metaverse but in the real world”adds Mikaïl Chebel.

According to him, we can compare the movement to street art which took 20 years to become institutionalized: “It was forbidden, it was borderline. However, the works are now sold in the biggest art houses and have obtained recognition in our society. It only took 4-5 years for crypto-art to take hold. It’s impressive “.

The pandemic has pushed cultural institutions to think about the virtual. This made it possible to arouse the curiosity of a public that had lost interest in culture. If museums are still quite hermetic to technological innovations, it is nevertheless an opportunity to bring in young people fascinated by pop-culture according to the founder of Métaculture.

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The first exhibition of NFT works in a French museum will take place in January

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