The incredible success of Sorare, the NFT game that mixes football and crypto

If you are a football fan, you have probably already heard or read about the Sorare phenomenon, which we have already told you about on Foot Mercato last November. This trading card game, based on the Ethereum cryptocurrency (the second largest behind Bitcoin), allows you to build a squad and be rewarded – in player cards and/or Ethereum – based on player performance in real life. To sum up, you field a team or several teams of five players, and the more your players shine in their respective match, the more your rewards will be important. It is also important to specify that each card is an NFT, ie it is unique and has a serial number assigned.

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Various types of cards exist for each player, from the limited, the less rare, to the unique, which as their name suggests… are unique. The rarity of your cards will determine their value, of course. In addition to the side gaming that follows the mechanics of an MPG or a fantasy traditional games, you will be able to put yourself in the shoes of a sports director and buy and resell players on the secondary market, and thus generate additional profits to those that will be brought to you by the rewards of the game. don’t think that it is enough to know football well to be a hit in Sorare, far from it! The mechanics of the game are not so easy, since you will have to understand in particular how the game works. scoring players, and you will find that some players you find good in real life are not so good and useful in the game, and vice versa.

Exciting next few months

Around the game, an ecosystem is beginning to be built, with valuable tools such as SorareData, an application/site with a quality database very popular with users, where you can find many features that will allow you to optimize your scouting, your recruitment and your choices of aligned players, among others. More and more content creators are also starting to flourish on platforms like Youtube and Twitch. From side games, platforms external to Sorare that also allow you to earn cards, are also beginning to emerge and become increasingly popular. However, all is not perfect. Many users thus deplore a gameplay too basic and which has not evolved over time. They particularly regret a lack of game modes and types of competitions that could bring a lot of fun additional to the game.

The first elements of the overhaul were announced on Tuesday by the company, but other more significant new features are announced in the coming months. Another crucial point that could well speed up – or slow down – things for Sorare: the Premier League. If the box already has an agreement with La Liga to publish all the cards of the players of the clubs of the Spanish championship, it is among the final candidates of the call for tenders of the English championship for the marketing of its NFTs. Landing the deal that would give Sorare the rights to market Premier League NFTs – and therefore being able to add Premier League club cards to the game – would be a huge boost, with the PL being the most popular league on the planet. Especially when you know that the English are fanatics of games of fantasy soccer

A game, but a game of money

So the future looks pretty bright for Sorare. But we can ask questions, of course. Will the game manage to become as popular as an MPG for example? Hard to say, especially since it is a game, but also, and above all perhaps, an investment. To build a team and hope to win rewards, a minimum investment of several hundred euros is necessary. Which is logically likely to cool many people, especially the youngest. And as with any investment, there are risks and your money is in the hands of external factors. In this case, player performance or the state of the Sorare market. It is therefore possible to win a lot of money… as well as to lose everything.

Another important parameter: the game is based on blockchain technology and ETH. If there is no need to have any special knowledge in this area to play, the interface and the purchase of Ethereum being extremely simple (a bank card is enough), everything is based on this technology. And we have seen that the good health of cryptocurrencies also depends on external events, such as geopolitical conflicts, laws regulating the markets, the stock market and many other factors… Anyway, the potential of the project seems colossal, just like its ambitions!

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The incredible success of Sorare, the NFT game that mixes football and crypto

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