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Before the rise of the Web3 and blockchain sector, the world of video games was only reserved for experienced users. The crypto industry has brought many innovative tools to make this universe more accessible to everyone. Aware of this, the M3 platform decided to use the metaverse, cryptos and NFTs to make the traditional video game industry accessible to unsophisticated gamers. This video game platform takes an original and multidimensional approach to achieve its goal. In this context, it has succeeded in creating interoperability between its video games. It thus offers users the possibility of playing the same game in different universes and several games in a single universe.

The crypto sector promises a bright future for the video game industry

Cryptocurrencies appear to be an undeniable asset for real growth in the video game industry. Thanks to the functionalities of the blockchain, they bring innovation necessary to attract more and more players. At the same time, NFTs allow each player to become the sole owner of a digital asset and trade it as they wish. Thanks to them, we are increasingly far from the time when only publishers and black market players could exchange virtual assets in the world of video games.

In addition, the Web3 and blockchain sector has given rise to a new video game model called: Play-to-Earn (Play to Win), or P2E. This model is very popular with players who are supporters of cryptocurrencies. Thanks to P2E, players have the opportunity to earn cryptocurrency tokens and NFTs with each game play. They can then redeem their rewards for cash through crypto exchanges, for example.

M3 is considered a precursor to this new game mode, with its second-generation Play-to-Earn platform. The platform is particularly appreciated for its innovative tokenomics. It should be noted that Play-to-Earn is gradually replacing Pay-to-Win (Pay to Win) which is less and less appreciated by players.

The M3 platform: a whole world of innovative games at the antipode of Pay-to-Win

The M3 platform has been around since 2018 and it decided some time ago to adopt a unique positioning in terms of video games, using the blockchain. Indeed, it has developed a game world where cryptocurrency enthusiasts can interact with traditional games. It also constitutes a meeting point between 3 game modes, namely: Play and Earn, E-sport and Free to Play. Moreover, it works on the basis of the principle of NFT HTML 5 games in Freemium format.

With all these features, M3 manages to provide players with a more flexible gaming environment in which users have no brakes in their interactions. The platform offers users the ability to interact with each other even if they are in separate game worlds. In addition, players from the same universe can play different games. Not to mention that a player can use every NFT they own in all games in the M3 ecosystem.

In addition, the M3 platform launched the beta version of the game sweetclash in 2020. The game was created by players and for players. Today, M3 wants to bring added value and fairer treatment to its game. In this context, it has decided to adopt a position that is totally contrary to the Pay-to-Earn game mode. She then set up a system that allows free access to her gaming universe.

At the same time, players can earn substantial income in order to become more financially independent, through the game universe of M3. The idea of ​​the platform is to offer them the opportunity to take advantage of the different potentialities of the cryptocurrency industry. Players will be able to discover all the usefulness of NFTs in an accessible and fun environment.

M3 owes its efficiency and innovative ecosystem to all a multidisciplinary team with many years of experience. The three founders of the platform complement each other with their skills. Indeed, we find: a gaming expert, an IT expert and a finance expert. That said, M3 is subdivided into three studios, each with a key area of ​​expertise (blockchain technologies, video games and design).

The platform offers two tokens: the M3 token and the Meta Golden Rabbits (MGR) token. The first allows users to convert NFTs and participate in tournaments. The second is a community token specially designed for players. For the governance of the ecosystem, the NFTs of M3 are used. You will have more details on the subject in our next articles.

Discover the different versions offered by M3

The M3 platform offers two game versions in its whitepaper. it’s about the Freemium version and some NFT version.

The Freemium version

With this 100% free version, players have access to several games without logging into their wallets. They will be able to play and collect cards for free. It is possible to convert the latter into NFT in exchange for commissions. Commissions vary based on the rarity of each card and the floor price of NFTs.

Players can access NFT tournaments after having had access to the “League 5” ladder of the Freemium version. The idea is to encourage players to discover and understand the game before performing paying tournaments.

In addition, it is necessary necessarily play Freemium version to successfully improve NFT sound quality. However, improving an NFT involves commissions that will vary according to market prices. Even so, the value of previous owners’ NFTs will still be protected.

The NFT version

M3 is planning daily tournaments for NFT holders. Participation in these tournaments entitles you to active income. It is also possible to benefit from a passive income by including its NFT in a program called “Scholarship”. With this program, players make their NFTs available to other players to help them participate in tournaments.

By participating in the Scholarship program, users earn exactly 30% of commissions recorded by M3. You should know that this percentage of commissions goes to all NFT holders.

The pillars of the M3 video game platform

The M3 platform has two fundamental pillars that allow it to have the necessary foundations to guarantee the reliability of its video game ecosystem. These pillars are: accessibility to digital assets and the professionalization of players.

Accessibility to digital assets

M3 wanted to develop a trusted environment to allow players to discover cryptos, especially NFTs. To this end, the platform has deployed various measures using smart contracts. Among the latter, there is the guarantee of a floor price for NFTs on marketplaces.

To further guarantee accessibility, both simple and transparent, to NFTs and tokens, M3 has taken measures to prevent whales from appearing in its ecosystem. To do this, the platform implements a system where the reflection percentage is reduced according to the number of NFTs possessed by the player.

In addition, there is a security vault system in which 50% of the commissions are transformed into M3 tokens. They are then placed in the NFTs following each trade, mint, sale or conversion. Users can proceed with the destruction of NFTs as they wish and obtain the history of accumulated M3 tokens.

The professionalization of players

M3 allows amateur gamers to move from Play-to-Earn to E-sport, in order to professionalize them. By allowing amateurs to become professionals, the platform promotes the remuneration of the time spent on each game.

Moreover, it is easy to access the platform since it is available via any medium without downloading. Thus, no need to go through Google Play Store or App Store to be able to play on M3.

The video game platform deliberately made this choice to favor the greatest number of players. It should be noted that this choice has the consequence of allowing M3 to save around 30% of commissions to invest them directly in the game.

In addition, M3 allows players to win daily rewards, thanks to the tournaments organized every day. To participate in these, you must have M3 tokens (minimum 5 for participation in a beginner tournament).

You should know that each player can recover the cost of his entry ticket with a single fight. The platform also offers four permanent tournaments. In this way, M3 offers the most possible chances to the players.

The competition organized specifically to announce the good news

M3 managed to release their Gods of Gods game a month ahead of schedule. This is excellent news that the platform wanted to celebrate with its community. To do this, M3 launches a preview a competition on its website. Many attractive rewards are planned, with a sum of more than 60,000 euros to be won. The contest takes place from October 2 to November 1.

The competition is governed by a set of rules:

  • The platform offers several NFTs all backed by the M3 token. The more transactions, the more NFTs increase. The burning of NFTs can take place at any time in return for a sum receivable.
  • A distribution of cards will take place shortly after the end date of the contest. Entrants will receive the cards in the wallet provided when completing the contest tasks.
  • Ranks will be known at the end of the launch event. Users will be able to play competitive mode during the game’s estimated Christmas launch.

Among the planned rewards are:

  • a Whitelist for the NFT version of SweetClash and GodsofGods, which is dedicated to the participants,
  • 10% discount on the upcoming mint,
  • 10 RARE NFT cards from the GOG genesis collection, with random founder bonuses. Each of the RARE cards in the collection will be minted by M3 for a value of 500 euros,
  • 3 EPIC NFT cards from the GOG genesis collection, with a random skill. The cards will be used for tournaments. Each of them will be minted by M3 for an amount of 1,000 euros,
  • 3 PRO Team titles to participate in all daily NFT tournaments for free for one year. Each title is worth 18,000 euros,
  • Tether tokens that will be sent to the accounts of certain participants,
  • 100 USDT which will be sent to the wallets of the 5 least lucky participants.

To conclude

For some time, the video game market has outperformed other markets in the entertainment industry. The data of Statistica revealed that it occupied 87% of this industry in 2020, leaving only 13% to the film and music sectors. The video game market developed further during the health crisis linked to Covid-19. Indeed, he managed to garner nearly 300 billion dollars during the year 2021.

Thanks to the multiple efforts of the M3 platform, this market should experience incredible growth at the end of 2022. The video game platform has so far been able to set up an inclusive ecosystem for gamers. It allows studios to offer a more enriching game universe, with different potentialities. It brings added value both to these studios and to the artists who now have attractive profits on each sale.

M3a To rise to the challenge to make video games more accessible and to promote the development of the industry. Thanks to Web3 and the blockchain, the platform appears to be the most avant-garde in the industry in which it operates. However, we are only at the beginning of the incredible adventure that she intends to bring to users.

Do not hesitate to participate in the competition organized by M3 to benefit from all the advantages offered. We will soon present to you, in a new article, everything you need to know about the mint to be held on October 31st.

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The M3 platform is revolutionizing the video game industry – Forbes France

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