The newspaper Le Parisien launches a collection of NFT around its historical front pages

With the “Crypto-unes” project, The Parisian becomes the first French press title to launch an NFT collection based on its historical front pages and creates a rare opportunity for its readers to acquire a piece of the newspaper’s history.

Obviously, everyone wants their piece of the “NFT cake”. We learned this week that the French newspaper The Parisian launched an NFT collection based on its historical front pages.

According to the newspaper, “ The owners of the 1000 NFTs on sale will have access to exclusive advantagesincluding the possibility of regular exchanges with the editorial staff of Le Parisien and thus enrich the editorial treatment of Web3-oriented subjects, in order to facilitate understanding by the general public”.

The idea behind this initiative of the famous French media is simple: transform its most outstanding headlines into NFT. The end of the Second World War, the victories of the French football team in 1998 and 2018, the coronation of Elizabeth II, the disappearance of Princess Diana or even the fire of Notre-Dame, are all hot topics that will be transformed into non-fungible tokens.

There will be a total 100 outstanding headlines of the Parisian who will be available in NFT at a single price, during the month of October.

Three rarity levels and a random mint

According to Le Parisien, “Crypto-unes come in three levels of rarity : Common (six copies per one), Rare (three copies per one) and Unique (only one copy per one, this one being animated)”.

Thanks to a random mints*, any buyer can expect to get a Unique NFT. In addition, each NFT purchased will be accompanied by a digital newspaper subscription one to two years, depending on the rarity of the latter.

One of the front pages of the Parisian. Source: Twitter

Contact with the editorial staff

The newspaper wishes through this initiative to create a dialogue between its readers-purchasers of NFT and its editorial staff. “Purchasers of the Crypto-unes du Parisien will form a community and will have the opportunity to discuss with the journalists of the editorial staff. Each month, they will be invited to participate in live editorial conferences, around Web3 topics. Thus, they will help to inform readers of Le Parisien about the evolution of crypto, blockchain or even the metaverse through educational articles and accessible to the greatest number, “explains the press release received by the editorial staff of Cryptonews.

From a technical point of view, know that Le Parisien will make its mint on the marketplace Will have developed by the group LVMHon the blockchain Ethereum. It relied on the technological developments of Consensys and its internal technical teams.

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The newspaper Le Parisien launches a collection of NFT around its historical front pages

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