The NFL league will offer us the possibility of becoming a real owner of an American football club, in NFT

News hardware The NFL league will offer us the possibility of becoming a real owner of an American football club, in NFT

The American football gaming scene is currently monopolized by the officially licensed Madden series from EA Sports. However, after abandoning the series for a few years, its competitor 2K should return to the front of the stage, shortly, with an arcade game (delayed). But another major competitor will join the game: the NFL league itself. Imagine a game where you really own a virtual club, a game where you can make money by selling your players on a universal market. This is the ambition of the NFL league, which wants to release its first game based on blockchain technology to integrate NFTs into it.

With the field relatively clear, the American football league decides to launch itself into the creation of a video game.

In order to stand out, it wants to innovate by integrating blockchain technology into its game. The main interest of this integration is to transform virtual objects in play, such as player cards, into real NFTs.

To do so, the NFL is partnering with the blockchain-oriented gaming firm, Mythical Games.

Mythical Games is a blockchain-based video game development studio with leading players in the video game industry who have worked on franchises such as:

  • call of duty
  • World of Warcraft
  • Guitar Hero

NFL Senior Vice President of Consumer Products Joe Ruggiero said:

“With the rise of blockchain technology, we are thrilled to partner with Mythical Games on a blockchain-enabled game that offers new NFT play-to-own capabilities, creating a never-before-seen adventure for fans who love to play soccer. Interest in NFTs in video games continues to grow among fans, the two handsets have accelerated the NFL’s exploration of new game models that can deliver an unparalleled experience for fans. »

What we know about NLF Rivals gameplay

For the moment, no information on the gameplay has been released, so it is difficult to get an idea of ​​the nature of the game. Nevertheless, some clues lead us to suppose that the game could be similar to a play-to -own (play to own) like a collectible card game like Sorare.

It is known that 32 teams in the NFL league are going to be generated in 3D NFT and these tokens will be released before the game is released.

We remember panini football cards, well, it’s version 2.0… In these types of games, you are the manager and the objective is to hold the rarest cards in order to make them play as a team in leagues against other players to be rewarded in cards.

The higher your performance, the higher the rarity of the rewards. The cards obtained are fully tradable since each card constitutes a unique NFT with a value defined by the market. As a good manager, you could then earn an annuity by playing a game. The future?

NFL Rivals will launch on web and mobile in early 2023.

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The NFL league will offer us the possibility of becoming a real owner of an American football club, in NFT

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