The NFT of the first tweet in history, bought for $2.9 million, is no longer worth anything

Its owner tried to put it back up for auction a few weeks ago. But the sale was a real flop.

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Who knows how much this tweet will be worth in 50 years? “Obviously, a year after its purchase, not much more … The NFT of the first tweet in history, written by Jack Dorsey, the founder of the social network with the little bird, purchased nearly $3 million in 2021, saw its value plummet in just a few months. According to Numeramait would currently be 0.02 ETH (Ethereum) or… $22.58.

How did we get here ? In March 2021, Sina Estravi, a Malaysian businessman, purchased the tweet’s NFT at auction for $2.9 million. Five little words “just setting up my twttr” signed Jack Dorsey, when the social network was launched in 2006.

Sina Estravi claimed to hold then ” a piece of human history, in digital form », which he had not hesitated to compare to Mona Lisa, the Mona Lisa of Leonardo da Vinci.

But since, boom… Proof that this market is still extremely volatile. In April 2022, Sina Estravi had put the NFT back on sale, for $48 million (half would have gone to charity). The auctions had at the time made a veritable flop and the highest was… 3000 dollars. Since then, the value of NFT has continued to decline…

A market that had exploded in 2021

The “NFT”, for non-fungible token or non-fungible token, is a digital format that allows to associate with any virtual object, whether it is an image, photo, animation, video, or piece of music , a certificate of authenticity recorded on the blockchain, the technology that serves as the basis for cryptocurrencies like bitcoin.

The NFT market exploded in 2021. The redemption of the authenticated image of the message. Beyond this first tweet, it is above all the sale for $69.3 million at Christie’s of a digital work by the American artist Beeple, entitled “Everydays: The First 5000 Days”, which had hit the headlines.

However, the enthusiasm seems to have died down a little this year. Industry watchers are split between fans and skeptics. ” Dude, you don’t own the very first tweet. You have a certificate on the blockchain that says you have a screenshot of the very first tweet “, reacted a Twitter user in comment of the last message of Sina Estavi.

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The NFT of the first tweet in history, bought for $2.9 million, is no longer worth anything

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