The Sandbox (SAND): Slipknot forges NFTs in an explosive metaverse

Howls on the MetaverseThe Sandbox, a subsidiary of Animoca Brands, is developing a pixelated metaverse, free to create. The plots of this virtual world are available on the Ethereum (ETH) blockchain. Spearhead of a web3 booming, everyone loves this universe. Heavy metal band Slipknot strike while the iron is still hot. Indeed, the musical collective with frightening masks intends to soon push the song into its metaverse: the Knotverse.

The Sandbox and Slipknot: an explosive alloy

After having discreetly mouthed his community on April 8, 2022, the news fell yesterday, April 19. Heavy metal band Slipknot, an enigmatic, provocative and aggressive musical collective with a keen business sense, have several lands in The Sandbox game. In doing so and despite more than twenty years of seniority, the metal group does not rust and its approach puts it at the forefront of innovation.

“We are proud to welcome Slipknot and Knotfest as the first heavy music band to open a home for their community in the open metaverse The Sandbox. We are building the future of digital expression and social interaction and this partnership invites a diverse and free-thinking new audience to experience the benefits of true ownership where any Slipknot NFT can be used not just in The Sandbox but on any other compatible platform. »

Sébastien Borget, CEO of The Sandbox – official website knotfest

The pretext for this announcement is none other than the Knotfest American tour which will take place from May 20, 2022 to January 16, 2023. Knotfest in the metaverse of The Sandbox is then the virtual counterpart of the very real festival. This web3 house for the group would have a dark and gloomy universe.

Knotfest, one of the lands of the group Slipknot in The Sandbox – Source: Opensea

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Creating a musical experience for the group remains the main motivation for this partnership. The objective? To allow a diffusion of music and a diversity of musical culture in the metaverse. It is then a question of creating a unique and innovative social space:

“Slipknot has always been about creating new experiences, and opening KNOTVERSE as a shared space is a continuation of our culture as a collective that includes our fans. »

Mr. Shawn, “Clown” of Slipknot

Slipknot’s approach therefore does not stop at the creation of simple concerts in the metaverse. A real project, the Knotverse has a roadmap and several NFT collections.

1650485108 709 The Sandbox SAND Slipknot forges NFTs in an explosive metaverse
“(…) I am proud to bring many NFTs to the clown collection. The first NFT drops on April 22, stay tuned – Source: Knotverse Site »

The website accompanying the roadmap even has an informative and educational section explaining what NFTs are, web 3, or even how to buy Ethereum.

From web2 to web3, everyone cracks: Adidas, Snoop Dogg, Gucci, HSBC and many more. Then imagine yourself elegantly wearing your dear NFT Slipknot mask in the tangy world of the Smurfs! Strange you would say, however Slipknot intends to mark the metaverse of The Sandbox with a hot iron and impose its own style.

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The Sandbox (SAND): Slipknot forges NFTs in an explosive metaverse

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