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The Sandbox is constantly evolving to offer new features. Recently, the French start-up started exploring augmented reality through a new partnership.

Non-fungible tokens are now manipulable

Definitely, The Sandbox is always on the lookout for new things. After its partnership with the Slipknot group and the organization of a legal competition, the French start-up is turning to its NFTs and making them evolve.

However, to be able to take advantage of this new feature, you will not have to go to The Sandbox but to OVER, an ecosystem that combines metaverse and augmented reality. Equipped with a virtual reality headset or a simple smartphone, visitors can now live immersive experiences within the different plots of the world. Since last April, non-fungible tokens from The Sandbox have also found their place there since they are now controllable through augmented reality.

OVER is fully committed to Web3-enabled cross-platform interoperability, and today we’re taking a step forward in that direction: enabling control of 3D assets from any platform. You could already view and publish to a specific geolocation any NFT containing 3D or 2D content and animation on OVER, but today you can also control and “flex” these assets on our metaverse. The first assets we integrated are the Sandbox assets; as the owner of NFT, you can now control it on OVER!

Extract of OVER’s announcement concerning the portability of NFTs

Source: OVER Twitter account

In other words: NFTs can be brought into the OVER metaverse, manipulated, exposed, and even become part of the real world. All while having the impression of interacting with them live.

If the arrival of augmented reality in the metaverse will amuse the most passionate, it seems that the influence of reality in virtual worlds is becoming more and more growing. Far from its “video game” side, the metaverse wishes to become a real immersive experience, with the objective of being able to interact with the elements as in real life.

If we can already work and study there, the best equipped visitors will soon be able to add physical contact to the chord of their interactions. Far from simple chat, avatars may be able to shake hands and more! Some are betting on creating a parallel reality, with the usual brands, without having to leave their homes.

This is enough to make certain companies shudder, such as Meta, which is going against the current and refuting for the moment the idea of ​​creating a metaverse requiring augmented reality to be able to be visited. It’s a new conflict taking place within societies that create virtual worlds, where the camp of technology lovers clashes with that of the more moderate who want the metaverse to be a parallel element and not a substitute for our reality.


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The Sandbox’s NFTs evolve with augmented reality – BeinCrypto

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