Theta (THETA): Collaboration with Sony for the launch of 3D NFTs

Spatial reality is a whole other level in the realm of metaverse and digital assets. Sony wants to provide the ability to view NFT tokens in 3D. For this, this conglomerate requested the partnership of Theta Labs for its launch.

Sony’s collaboration with Theta Labs

Sony wants to improve the experience of NFT and metaverse users, by offering them the possibility of 3D visualization. Using its Spatial Reality Display, people can see things in 3D, without the need for accessories, such as 3D glasses. It is, in effect, a spatial reality display that will follow eye movement, and adjust as the viewer moves. The viewing experience will therefore be more than innovative.

For this, Sony has requested the help of Theta Labs for the realization of this project. Mitch Liu, CEO of Theta says there is huge potential in this intention, and that it will be a big evolution in this field. Moreover, currently, there are only 2D images and videos in the NFT industry.

Moreover, Nick Cosley, a Sony executive, says that 3D visualization for NFTs will be an undeniable evolution towards new technologies. Here is what he said, Consumers can now enjoy a next-generation 3D experience without the need for 3D glasses. Theta’s NFTs are just the latest way we can show our rapid adoption of metaverse-enabled technology. »

The Tiki Guy NFT, Theta and Sony’s 3D NFT

sony and Theta Labs gave the name The Tiki Guy to their 3D NFT. Its visualization will be done on a 3D Tiki mask. There will only be 10 Tiki Guy NFTs that will be minted and sold on ThetaDrop, Theta Labs’ marketplace. It is therefore very likely that demand will be significantly higher than supply.

Tiki Guy NFTs will need to be run on a Windows PC, using the Unity app. It is also recommended to have a fairly high configuration for a smooth launch of the 3D NFT visualization.

Although the NFT market has been in decline for some time, 3D visualization will be a good solution to turn the corner. In parallel, there will still be a 2D version of these NFTs to balance the market.


3D NFT is a very innovative concept in the field of cryptocurrency and metaverse. 3D visualization will provide a whole new experience to users, and may improve the NFT financial market. However, since there will only be 10 Tiki Guy NFTs minted, how will they be able to manage stock-outs? Will this be enough in the long run?

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Theta (THETA): Collaboration with Sony for the launch of 3D NFTs

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