This is great news! Olympus Game’s first playable NFTs soon on sale

It is the company BD MULTIMEDIA which has created a subsidiary called Olympus Game and soon, the first NFTs playable in this game will be launched. This is great news in the sense that players around the world could monetize their gambling earnings, unlike Ubisoft who wants to run away from NFTs. Here is what awaits you with Olympus Game!

Olympus Game: what is it?

We are here facing a P2E game whose gameplay resembles that of “tower rush” but in 3D. The story takes place in the era of Greek mythology and there are parts related to blockchain and NFTs in the game. Note that soon, Olympus Game will be available on the Binance blockchain and we can play it on mobile or pc.

The goal of the game is simple: destroy the opponent’s columns and time and at the same time protect your own side. To achieve this, each player can collect NFT cards and they can even resell them as needed. Moreover, the developers want to set up an NFT card rental exchange system.

Thus, this game full of promise will allow you to really enjoy the play-to-earn experience.

A limited sale of NFTs

We know at the moment that there is a limited collection of 2140 Box NFT as part of this game and the sale was launched on September 24, 2022 and will end on September 27, 2022. If you plan to buy one of these boxes , you will be entitled to a powerful character in preview.

You will also be able to afford to train characters in the game application, use the strongest characters, improve certain characters in the game and even sell NFTs on the game marketplace. To sell and buy NFTs, you will need to be patient.

Just like the Tamadoge case, Olympus Game seems to attract success and so much the better!

buy box NFT Olympus Game

What is the Olympus game launch plan?

We already have that the first round of this sale took place in May 2022, this first sale allowed the company to earn 300,000 USD and this, despite the instability of the crypto market. We can say that the first sale was a real success and the fans and investors are happy about it.

Olympus Game now plans to sell Box NFTs, launch the Olympus Mini-Game platform and the marketplace during the 3rd quarter of 2022. The last quarter of 2022 will be used to officially release the game in addition to listing the $OLYMP tokens and to make the sales public.

In 2023, Olympus Games plans to sell NFT temples, stack $OLYMPs and launch the first esports tournament with a prize of 1 million USD.

P2E games are starting successfully and gamers all over the world seem to like the system. Moreover, we can speak of a small revolution here insofar as it is a great first in the world of gaming. Now gamers can finally play to win real prizes. While waiting for Olympus Game to be ready, you can try IBAT!


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This is great news! Olympus Game’s first playable NFTs soon on sale

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