This well-known clothing brand offers an NFT for any purchase of a shirt, here is its price

News hardware This well-known clothing brand offers an NFT for any purchase of a shirt, here is its price

As part of its Timecapsule concept, Prada will launch a collection of shirts accompanied by NFTs this Thursday, June 2, perfect for a summer in the metaverse.

Prada a precursor brand of Web3?

Not being at its first attempt in this field, the famous Italian haute couture brand reaffirms its position on web3 and NFT.

Indeed, the brand had already released a collection of 3,000 NFTs of artistic selfies in collaboration with Adidas, but this time Prada is thinking bigger and intends to impose its products on the web3 in the long term.

Prada presents its new collection of 100 NFTs through its monthly “Timecapsule” event, which aims to offer a collection of exclusive products for the web every first Thursday of the month.

An NFT offered with the purchase of a Prada shirt

This Thursday, June 2, two models of shirts will be on sale for 24 hours:

  • 50 black shirts
  • 50 white shirts

Each adorned with a mask or skull occasionally drawn by Cassius Hirst, the son of renowned artist Damien Hirst. These Prada shirts numbered on the lower back will be on sale around 1000€!

At this price, as a consolation prize, the buyer will be offered a numbered skull NFT. He can then add it to his collection on a crypto wallet or resell it on the various NFT marketplaces (in the hope of perhaps reimbursing the shirt…).

This event offers Prada the opportunity to use their Aura Blockchain Consortium technology resulting from the collaboration between LVHM, the Prada group and Richemont. This technology aims to promote the use of a unique blockchain for luxury brands in the web3.

The technology could in particular facilitate the fight against counterfeits by using NFTs as a guarantee of authenticity.

#PradaCrypted, the development of a friendly Web3 community

To drive the point home, Prada launches the #Pradacrypted accompanied by a new community Discord server. The famous Italian haute couture brand is developing an exchange community dedicated to Web3:

Prada pushes the boundaries of the physical world to Web3 by creating its own community that is inclusive and open to everyone. Here you will discover Prada’s future projects and upcoming NFT releases: a place to exchange ideas and get inspired while connecting the world of fashion with the worlds of art, architecture, cinema, music, Web3 and more.

A good opportunity for the brand to stand out from other haute couture brands (Gucci, Louis Vuitton, etc.) that have already set foot in the Web3 world. By appropriating the codes of the most famous NFT collections, Prada demonstrates its desire to innovate in this area and suggests that this first collection would only be the beginning of the experience for the brand.

Will they go so far as to offer a totally dematerialized collection for a metaverse? Only time will tell, but we can already think that it might be a bit expensive for virtual cotton.

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This well-known clothing brand offers an NFT for any purchase of a shirt, here is its price

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