Ticketmaster Reportedly Deceived Fans By Including NFTs With Stray Kids’ “MANIAC” World Tour Tickets

Stray Kids fans have claimed that Ticketmaster tricked them into an unprecedented NFT issue for Stray Kids’ “MANIAC” World Tour 2022.

On April 29, Stray Kids STAY fans claimed that Ticketmaster apparently tricked them into buying NFTs while selling “MANIAC” tour tickets for the North American region.

The issue began to go viral on the internet and social media after fans realized that once they had finalized the process of purchasing tickets for the concert, they had received a notice from Ticketmaster stating that they had purchased a “Virtual Commemorative Ticket” in the form of NFT.

According to some fans, they didn’t realize that Ticketmaster had embedded an NFT product in the tickets they purchased because it wasn’t there originally. The issue of NFT’s involvement in Stray Kids World Tour tickets happened the next day.

NFT stands for Non-Fungible Token, which is basically a digital memory that you can virtually own with all of its unique signature. The term “non-fungible” means “irreplaceable” and “unique”, as NFT items can only have one official owner with proof of exclusive ownership, while others can only be copied without their value. origin. For some people, NFT exclusivity is worth a lot of money.

When you own an NFT, your ownership of the particular NFT will be recorded digitally through the blockchain, a digital ledger recording all digital currency exchanges. Anyone can access this registry, allowing them to find out who owns which NFT and to track the ownership history of the NFT.

However, most Kpop fans, especially STAYs and ARMYs, have disapproved of the increasing activity of NFTs in the Kpop industry. This is because they fully understand that tons of computers take a lot of power in every NFT transaction. Some people even state that one NFT transaction equals months of energy for one person.

And since this energy comes from power plants that emit CO2 into the atmosphere, it is a massive contribution to climate change and environmental destruction.

Since they know how much harm NFTs cause to the environment and how fans are completely opposed to the Kpop x NFT idea, JYP ended their project to integrate NFT activity into products. of its artists.

In fact, on April 4, a digital asset company and JYPE’s former NFT partner, Dunamu, said the two parties had called off their deal.

“Dunamu and JYP Entertainment planned to establish a joint venture for the NFT business, but at the moment we have decided to terminate our business contract after mutual agreement.”

Apparently, the 2022 “MANIAC” World Tour isn’t the first time Ticketmaster has misled their artists’ fans about the NFT issue in tickets. Previously, the same also happened to MONSTA X, My Chemical Romance, and Slipknot.

Considering the amount of backlash from fans, to protect the environment, even Stray Kids’ company JYP Entertainment ended their joint venture to create NFTs.

And naturally, Stray Kids fans were dismayed when a fan realized that Ticketmaster had told them that they had purchased an NFT that came with the concert ticket.

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Ticketmaster Reportedly Deceived Fans By Including NFTs With Stray Kids’ “MANIAC” World Tour Tickets

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