Top 10 NFT sales: Bored Ape and Otherside dominate the charts

The Yacht Club avatars (Bored Ape and Otherside’s NFTs, the Otherdeeds), have been at the epicenter of attention in recent weeks. The Otherdeeds have now found a stable valuation despite the overall bearish outlook for the crypto market at the moment.

Top 10 NFT Sales

Due to the undeniable interest in Otherdeeds, the Bored Ape Yacht Club collection, takes the top spot on the list this week. Bored Ape #17 changed hands a few days ago for over a million dollars. The buyer paid this sum because the seller had not yet claimed the Otherdeeds NFT, which added hidden value to Bored Ape.

Impressively, the only NFT breaking the trend somewhat is CryptoPunk #4551, which changed ownership for $658,010. Although this collection was originally created by Larva Labs, it is now part of the Yuga Labs portfolio, which makes this company the most profitable NFT company at the moment.

Here in descending order the Top 10 NFT sales of the week

  1. Bored Ape Yacht Club #17 – $1.12 million / 410 ETH – buyer’s wallet
  2. Otherdeed #33 – $984,090 / 333.33 ETH
  3. Otherdeed #24 – $954,330 / 333 ETH
  4. Otherdeed #66 – $855,630 / 290 ETH
  5. Otherdeed #54 – $806,500 / 50,000 APE
  6. Alternate Project #1890 – $796,440 / 280 ETH
  7. Otherdeed #26 – 735 $240 / 249 ETH
  8. CryptoPunk #4551 – $658,010 / 230 ETH
  9. Otherdeed #232 – 652 $110 / 232 ETH
  10. Otherdeed #91748 – $645,760 / 225 ETH

Otherdeeds price differences

One may wonder why some NFT land in Otherside is so expensive?

The price here is determined by certain characteristics of certain plots.

The first characteristic that distinguishes one Otherdeed from another is the “Koda”. Of the current supply of 100,000 Otherdeeds, only 10% have a Koda. A plot with a koda is more valuable than the others. So it’s no surprise that three of Otherdeeds’ best sellers of the past week have been NFTs with Kodas. However, the next five most lucrative sales, which each brought over $730,000 to their owners, were for plots without Kodas. What gave them value then? In fact, isn’t the Koda the only factor that differentiates Virtual Plots from Otherside?

The other characteristic is the positioning of the parcel concerned. For example, if your Otherdeed is located not far from that of Snoop Dogg for example, it goes without saying that it will be more valuable than another.

At a time when cryptocurrencies are in free fall and the market seems on the verge of turmoil, the current dynamism of the NFT market brings some balance to the ecosystem of blockchain and cryptoassets.

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Top 10 NFT sales: Bored Ape and Otherside dominate the charts

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