Toxic NFT games: how to identify them in GameFi?

Beware of toxic NFT Games! how to recognize them in the a

NFT or GameFi games are the target of scams. Tracking non-fungible tokens being difficult, the risks multiply. Blockchain games suffer from these risks. However, there are many reliable GameFi games.

The best thing to do when you are already a fan of NFT games is to find out about possible fraudulent games. Today where the creation of a NFT game seems to be accessible to developers of all levels, we must remain vigilant.

The NFT community in itself is not a scam. It is good to point this out. Non-fungible tokens certainly have a volatile value, but they have also established themselves in the metaverse. Despite this, invest wisely.

For you who plan to take part in the GameFi to bet on NFTs, read this post until the end.

How do NFTs fit into games?

NFTs are used in blockchain games as trophies, passes, collectibles, and more. On some NFT games, for example, it is impossible to unlock a game without an NFT. Of course, non-fungible tokens can be purchased in these games. To play, you must therefore have in reserve the cryptocurrency corresponding to the blockchain on which you are playing.

The integration of NFTs in games notably exploded in 2021. Since this year, the GameFi which has existed since 2013 has gained even more popularity. Only, the various scams began. The biggest NFT gaming scam was the Squid game, based on the Korean Squid Games series.

The developers of this game were not affiliated with Netflix or the series. They scooped up a sum of 3.38 million dollars before disappearing from the radar.

How to recognize fraudulent games?

Fraudulent games are poorly developed, and have these characteristics:

  • Poorly done presentation with spelling mistakes and poor graphics
  • Developers who are not known in the world of gaming and who have never carried out major gaming projects
  • Presentation of a collection of NFT which is useless in the end
  • Zero traceability on gaming platforms and forums
  • A project that does not highlight its source of benefits

This list is not exhaustive. It nevertheless presents all the important facets of a fraudulent NFT game. You are at least advised of the points you need to consider before playing on the blockchain.

What does this mean for blockchain games?

This scam story in NFT games has tarnished GameFi’s reputation. Still, there are several blockchain games that players can rely on. This episode is only passing according to some specialists in the field. In the relatively near future, NFT games will take another turn.

At that time, developers will have to grant real uses to NFTs. They will be used, for example, in skins, armament, characterspassages, codes, or others.

The GameFi is a promise of new opportunities for blockchain games. Classic game designers are currently watching to adopt it as well.



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Toxic NFT games: how to identify them in GameFi?

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