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NFTs at the service of charity. Source: iStock.

You couldn’t miss the NFTs, the non-fungible token. These are digital certificates based on the blockchain, making it possible to authenticate a virtual object. This makes it possible to acquire a unique digital work with information on the seller, the buyer, the price and the date of sale. Artists and collectors have seized on this new technology. The associative and philanthropic world also. Here are some selected projects.

Charity sale of NFT by the collective #EnsembleUkraine

The #EnsembleUkraine collective is organizing a charity sale of NFTs this Friday at 8 p.m. for the benefit of war victims. The collective of tech entrepreneurs offers for sale original works, linked to NFTs, by Ukrainian and international artists. A total of 25,000 NFTs will be put up for sale in order to raise the most funds for the collective’s humanitarian actions. Among the artists at the rendezvous, photographer Yann Arthus-Bertrand who will present his first NFTthe Ukrainian street-artist Roman Chizz or the French artist Grégoire “Greg” Guillemin who donated one of his works.

For its anniversary, UNICEF has launched a sale of NFT

On its 75th anniversary, at the end of 2021, UNICEF released 1,000 NFTs for sale. Proceeds will fund UNICEF and International Telecommunications Union projects. The goal: to connect every school in the world to the Internet through new technologies. For this sale, UNICEF collaborated with artist and data visualization specialist, Nadieh Bremer, who created a named collection Patchwork Kingdoms.

The Oregen project, rewards for biodiversity

Launched in March, the Oregen project aims to use NFTs to help preserve biodiversity. This project will offer collections of NFTs made by artists. They will represent threatened ecosystems. Nearly 70% of the proceeds will go to associations that fight against the destruction of biodiversity. Oregen sees NFT as an educational tool. Each work will allow you to learn a little more about an animal species and the threats that await it. Each NFT will carry a score. These scores can be accumulated and give rise to a reward.

Crytponimals, NFTs to protect cash while earning revenue

Cryptonimals is a collection of NFTs to raise awareness about the protection of endangered animal species. The objective of the startup created a year ago is to reinvent donations for NGOs, particularly the fight for the preservation and protection of endangered wild animals. The collection for sale includes 900 NFTs. And 50% of the first transactions will be donated to NGOs such as Sea Shepherd. The startup then offers a secondary market that allows you to earn personal passive income. However, Cryptonimals obliges to donate 5% of each transaction to a cause.

Theo Nepipvoda Ukraine biodiversity development… NFT at the service of philanthropy

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Ukraine, biodiversity, development… NFT at the service of philanthropy | Care news INFO

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