Ultra.io – The first smart initiative around NFTs?

Reminder of the facts: for a few months, a few years even, for the “early adopters” (also known as the “biggest pigeons” in certain circles), we have been trying to sell “digital objects” at a high price under that they would be unique. However, they are not, and the very nature of a digital object (photo, video, 3D model, etc.) means that it can be reproduced identically indefinitely (right click: copy; right click: paste!). So we decide that one of these copies is the “original”, which we certify via a digital document (a “token”) which is neither reproducible nor falsifiable: NFT.

Finally, what we pay quite expensive is not so much the digital file as the certificate that accompanies it, proving its “authenticity”, and at the same time giving us legal ownership.

The gaming industry has tried to smoke us out by trying to introduce NFT in video games, but the first few initiatives were rather poorly received, no one being ready to pay more for a skin on the pretext of receiving a link next to it that will authenticate it on the blockchain… The few big studios that have made announcements in this sense, imagining themselves passing for innovative boxes, have often only managed to afford a nice bad buzz.

However, in this ocean of bullshit that the NFTthe Ultra.io initiative seems to us less in the field of scams than the rest of the proposals. It may even be the first real good idea linking NFT and video games. You can read on their site:

“All content you purchase from Ultra, such as games, DLCs, and virtual items, are digital assets that you actually own. On Ultra, you are in control of your content as if it were physical objects. This content can be sold, traded, or given away within Ultra, or even outside of Ultra, via marketplaces or mobile applications. »

Remember that the digital content, games in particular, that we are used to buying, on Steam or on the PS Store for example, never belongs to us. What we pay for is an indefinite term user license. This is why, among other things, the second-hand digital game market does not exist: since we do not own the game, we obviously cannot resell it.

By offering games sold with NFTs, Ultra would allow us to claim true ownership of our copy of the game, and therefore the ability to resell or trade that game., as many gamers already do with their physical edition games. Small revolution.

Very small, even, because we are not yet able to imagine being able to resell our Steam games. We are only talking about the games offered by Ultra.io here, and there are currently… zero! The platform is still only at its launch, and does not currently host any content / product, the “Ultra Gaming” tab of the launcher is not even accessible. However, here we glimpse a real purpose behind the NFT other than speculation, and that’s already great progress!

We would like to say thanks to the writer of this write-up for this outstanding material

Ultra.io – The first smart initiative around NFTs?

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