VanEck confirms the trend and launches a collection of NFT

No spot Bitcoin (BTC) ETFs, so it will be NFTs! – The VanEck Company is a New York-based investment management firm. She gradually specialized in exchange-traded funds (ETFs). However, after listing its Bitcoin (BTC) futures ETF, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) objected to the listing of its Spot ETF on physical BTC (spot). VanEck is returning to the limelight with a non-fungible token (NFT) project.

VanEck will release a collection of NFTs

The investment management company, VanEck foresees to launch a collection of 1,000 NFTs in order to take the plunge into the metaverse. The collection called ” VanEck Community NFT » will be launched on ethereum network. This collection will revolve around a caricature of a Founding Father of the United States, Alexander Hamilton nicknamed “Hammy”. To create this collection, VanEck partnered with the NFT creation company south korean named NUMOMO.

Tweet about the launch of VanEck’s NFT collection – Source: Twitter

Furthermore, the purpose of this collection is to provide a community to VanEck investors and demonstrate the usefulness of digital assetsbut also to educate cryptocurrency holders. VanEck Community NFT co-founder, JP Lee spoke about this upcoming collection in a press release:

“Our NFTs will all feature stunning 3D avatars and narrative-style videos that will help create a real sense of history and stimulate discussion, debate and community. Our character “Hammy” will be an exceptional guide for anyone wishing to see the evolution of the past, present and future of finance. »

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The Roadmap for the VanEck Community NFT Collection

The collection will include 3 levels of rarity :

  • 750 NFT common
  • 230 NFT rare
  • 20 NFT legendary

Each type of NFT will provide different access to events and benefits offered by VanEck. For example, the advantages could be: early access to the VanEck leadershipa exclusive access at the party organized by the company or even a lunch with Jan van Eckthe CEO of VanEck.

NFTs will be sent to wallets during the week of May 2, 2022 to the lucky ones selected who have registered for the drop. At the end of May, NFTs will turn into their final version. Thereafter, NFT holders will be able to follow the company’s communications relating to NFTs by E-mailon Twitter Or on Youtube.

Moreover, just a month ago the VanEck company gave a good dose of opium to crypto enthusiasts! Indeed, according to the company’s analysts, Bitcoin (BTC) could become the next world reserve asset and predicts a price range of between $1.3 million and $4.8 million.

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VanEck confirms the trend and launches a collection of NFT

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