Video games. NFTs at Blizzard? “Nobody is working on it”, assures the president

While other video game companies do not hesitate, such as Ubisoft, SEGA, Square Enix or Konami, NFTs will not go through Blizzard (Diablo, Starcraft, World of Warcraft). In any case, this is the assertion of its president, Mike Ybarra, who responded this weekend to an article by Video Game Chronicle on Twitter. Activision-Blizzard was recently acquired by Microsoft in January for nearly $69 billion.

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The Discord Poll

In question, the questions of a survey organized by the company YouGov and submitted to players. Among the questions, one focused on participants’ interest in cryptocurrencies and NFTs and how interested they would be if these divisive technologies were introduced into Activision Blizzard products.

There were also questions about features such as virtual reality, the Xbox Game Pass subscription service or “cross-play” gaming (when all the online multiplayer modes of a game are accessible regardless of the platform ) as well as more conventional features such as cross-play, virtual reality, and subscription services.

“The company regularly conducts surveys on a wide range of emerging topics to better understand the interests of our players, regardless of our involvement in these trends,” explains a Blizzard representative to Kotaku.

NFT, a divisive technology

NFTs are non-interchangeable (non-fungible) unique data stored on a blockchain (a form of digital ledger), which can be owned, bought or sold with cryptocurrency. When you “own” an NFT, you have ultimately acquired only a certificate of ownership.

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If many companies seem to find a financial interest in it, players and employees are less convinced.

According to the annual report on the state of the gaming industry of the Game Developers Conferencewhich surveyed over 2,700 developers, with the majority (70%) of respondents not interested in NFTs.

Video games. NFTs at Blizzard? “Nobody is working on it”, assures the president

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Video games. NFTs at Blizzard? “Nobody is working on it”, assures the president

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