Visa expands its crypto business and becomes an NFT start-up incubator

Visa for the image – The digital artwork have officially entered the history of Art, no offense to the killjoys of all stripes. Artists are engulfed in this new means of expression with as much diversity as success. Of course there is speculation and excesses. But behind the hubbub and exuberance, Masterpieces take shape and are exhibited with the support of patrons of a new kind. Do you know the Visa payment card? Let’s discover his program Visa Creator which helps artists to get started on the blockchain and more particularly in the NFT.

Visa, a company like no other

Visa is not a company in the primary sense of the term. It is more of a joint venture or a joint venture, but in the world of international business we say a joint venture. Concretely, this entity is made up of more than 15,000 different banks and companies. It also has more than 20,000 employees worldwide. Finally, there are nearly 4 billion Visa cards in circulation that use nearly 175 different currencies. It’s a network sprawling and gigantic.

For some years, Visa shows a growing interest in blockchain and multiplies initiatives. To his credit in particular, the ” Universal Payment Channel » (UPC), a project of interoperable hub connecting multiple networks. It will allow transfers of digital assets from different protocols and wallets. It would be a kind of layer 0 to bridge all central bank digital currencies (MNBC) and the different stablecoins. A hell of a program!

Finally, to end the presentations, remember that Visa is the proud owner of Cryptopunk #7610. She acquired it for the modest sum of 50 ETH – that’s about $150,000 – and uses it to communicate on its social networks. And this interest indigital art also manifests itself in its new sponsorship program for emerging artists in the NFT (Non-Fungible Tokens) world.

Micah Johnson, the first artist in the Visa Creator Program – Source: Visa Twitter account

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A commitment to artists and NFTs

Visa Creator is a mentorship program aimed at providing support to artists in the following areas:

  • technical and strategic support on blockchain networks in the development of their creations
  • connecting with a growing community of artists at different stages of their projects
  • access to influencers and resource people in the ecosystem
  • exposure to Visa network customers and partners
  • financial support in the form of a single endowment at the start of the course

Visa Creator are about entrepreneurs working in visual art, music, fashion and film who are looking to grow their small businesses through NFT.

NFTs have the potential to become a powerful accelerator for the creator economy and the program will help this new generation of small and micro-enterprises to exploit the new mediums of digital commerce. »

Cuy Sheffield, Head of Cryptocurrency at Visa – Source: Cointelegraph

The first artist highlighted by the project is the artist micah johnson. He is the creator of the series of NFT Aku World. This former professional baseball player retired after multiple injuries. Micah Johnson is a visual artist committed to defending the African-American community. He thus created an astronaut character ” to enable all children to follow their dreams”. Based on Ethereum, there are nearly 15,000 different NFTs to date. Here are three examples taken from his official Twitter account and drawn from the animated sequences of the series “ Aku Dreams ».

Micah Johnson has already sold nearly $20 million worth of NFTs and his success isn’t slowing down. His character is announced in the cinema, in books and should even join the international space station!

Visa will likely accelerate the development of an already bubbling arts community. Some NFT collections such as CryptoPunks or Bored Ape have already broken popularity and selling price records. And others like the Azuki are in ambush to dethrone them! Will Micah Johnson be able to propel his young hero to the NFT firmament? Case to follow.

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Visa expands its crypto business and becomes an NFT start-up incubator

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