Wall Burners sells street-art works in NFT

The NFT trend is hitting the streets. It is in any case the ambition of Antoine Bonavita and Federico Benincasa, who launched Wall Burnersat the beginning of 2022. This French platform works in collaboration with street artists to capture their urban works, and then sell them in the form of “burns”, the name given to the digital formats of these real productions.

NFTs (acronym for “Non-Fungible Token” in French) are unique and tamper-proof digital objects. This market exploded in 2021 with 44.2 billion dollars in transactions, according to the specialized firm Chainalysis, and Wall Burners intends to ride the wave.

On the application, digital objects can be operated in a secure environment by their owner. ” Wall Burners offers a new approach to collecting urban art, which blends real and digital experiencesexplains Federico Benincasa, general manager of the startup, in a press release. These hybrid works of a new kind offer unique rights and functionalities to their buyers », in particular the full and complete ownership of the exploitation rights through a specific legal framework. Once acquired, “Burns” can be renegotiated on any other NFT platform.

Own ephemeral art

Street-art works, by definition of ephemeral nature, often prevent amateurs from enjoying them in the long term, and artists from being able to benefit from their creations. With its offer to enrich digital collections, Wall Burners gives artists the opportunity to become owners of tokenized works, themselves secured and authenticated by blockchain technology. On the owner’s side, buying a “burn” means having exclusive access to ultra high definition images of the work, a timelapse of the creation, a unique interview with the artist, making-off images and a certificate. of authenticity.

The goal is also to be able to make the works accessible to all budgets, or almost. “ Take Jo Di Bona. Some of his paintings reach 5,000 euros. We will be able to offer two editions, a single one which could approach this amount and an edition available in 30 or 40 copies which could, depending on the rating of an artist, cost hundreds of euros », explains Federico Benincasa in an interview with actu.fr.

A united approach

The leitmotif of the startup? ” Give back to the street (“to return to the street”, editor’s note). Indeed, the platform aims to fight against the exclusion and great precariousness of homeless people by dedicating, for each transaction carried out, a share – up to 15% of the price of the work – to the Samu social to help the homeless.

Seduced by this virtuous model, several artists and collectives have already joined the Wall Burners project, with the aim of releasing a new collection every three weeks on the application. ” The first collection was produced by Cyrille Gouyette, art historian, project manager at the Louvre Museum, exhibition curator and artistic adviser to the WALL Bastillearound the theme of Liberty Leading the People », says the co-founder. At the end of March 2022, works by Sun7 made in Abidjan were added, Lady K. has since also exhibited her work in this unique format.

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Wall Burners sells street-art works in NFT

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