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Thursday, March 17, JR unveiled a gigantic shot in downtown Lviv in Ukraine. With this new ephemeral work and its sale in NFT, the French Street Artist supports Ukrainians in the face of the invasion of Russia.

Last week, JR traveled to Ukraine. The French Street Artist has not installed one of his famous trompe-l’œil there, like those installed in Rome on the facade of the Farnese Palace or in Egypt in front of the Giza pyramids, but it is came to have the time of a video a monumental portrait of a smiling and radiant girl of 5 years in front of the Opera of Lviv, 70km from the Polish border. In the midst of the war in Ukraine, this work charged with humanity resounds like a message of hope and support. Photographed with a drone, this strong image will be on the cover of the famous American magazine “ Time on March 28. ” This little girl is the future and in this war she reminds us why Ukrainians are fighting “, writes the artist in an Instagram publication. A few days after his trip, JR announced the sale in NFT of the video of the unveiling of the photo printed in Lviv (for 0.08 ETH, or around €220) as well as the photo of the work (for €180) .

From JR’s Paris studio to downtown Lviv

To create this touching 45-meter-long work, JR reused a snapshot taken by Ukrainian photographer Artem Iurchenko who met the little girl, named Valeriia, and her mother Taisiia at the Polish border. “ It was very hard to leave Ukraine, very hard… We had to stand for 18 hours on the train to Lvivsaid the mother of the family to the “ Time “. I can’t find the words to express how grateful I am to everyone who helped. JR then printed the photograph on a tarpaulin in his Paris studio before traveling to Lviv.

Time’s March 28 cover will be headlined “The Resilience of Ukraine.” Photo courtesy of the artist and TIME magazine

Once in the Ukrainian city, hitherto relatively spared from the bombings, the artist brought together more than a hundred willing Ukrainians to move the gigantic shot through Lviv and deploy it in the city center. Among the actors of this artistic performance, the filmmaker Mathieu Kassovitz, a great friend of the artist, was present during the inauguration of the work. ” I had the opportunity to follow JR in a new project on Ukraine, writes the actor on Instagram. We spent the day in Lviv in a city that is still free and where life goes on normally despite the drama that is unfolding a few hundred kilometers away. »

Can art change war? asks JR when announcing the sale of the work in NFT. Touched by the fate of Ukrainian refugees spending hours waiting in long lines at the country’s border, the artist set up a solidarity collection. Failing to be able to stop the Russian army, the money raised will be used to “ create a logistics network to bring food and comfort to the thousands of women and children who queue for hours at the various Ukrainian border crossings “, specifies the site of the collection.

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War in Ukraine: unveiled in Lviv, the monumental work of JR put on sale in NFT for the benefit of refugees | Knowledge of the Arts

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