What are the NFTs, these digital works soon accessible to fans of Stade Toulousain?

Stade Toulousain is launching into NFTs or entering web3 and is preparing to pass its first NFT “drop” for Non Fungible Token: a non-fungible digital token, that is to say non-duplicable and totally unique. In short, a digital collector’s item in full development. The club therefore announces this device “unique in the world of professional rugby clubs” and wants to use NFTs “to enrich its relationship with its community of supporters in France and abroad”. The operation is intended “to the 10 million Stade Toulousain fans around the world” states the press release.

Free NFTs and premium NFTs

Initially, 18,754 NFT (like the number of seats at the Ernest-Wallon stadium) will be distributed to subscribers, then to all supporters “users will simply have to click on a link or scan a QR code distributed to the community, but also in the stadium on the occasion of the reception of Biarritz Olympique for the last match of the regular season. They will thus be able to recover and collect for free, in their Wallet, the NFT for the 2021 – 2022 season of Stade Toulousain (Drop de NFT)” indicates the club.

But that’s not all, as a nod to the club’s creation date, 1,907 Premium NFTs will then be made available “only to owners of one of the 18,754 free NFTs of the season. These Premium NFTs can be obtained in three ways: 15% of them for free, via a draw, 40% sold at a price of 30 euros including tax , 40% sold in cryptocurrency at a price of 0.015 ETH. The remaining 5% are inaccessible because reserved for players, partners and club players”.

A simple collector’s item or a lever for growth?

The NFT Premium will also give its owner access to exclusive products, experiences and surprises for this end of the season; the Stage specifying “a personalized and named scarf will be sent to each owner of NFT Premium. They will also have the possibility of sending their messages of support directly to the players through screens present in the locker rooms and at the training center. They will also participate in draws to win unique experiences such as a videoconference with the club’s players, participation in a press conference or even the fact of being able to experience a match as close as possible to the field”.

Stade Toulousain intends to reaffirm its ambition “for the future of the institution and its economic model”. For Didier Lacroix, the President “It’s in the nature of Stade Toulousain to be a pioneer and to open the way. The web3 raises many questions and this first experiment will allow us to learn so as not to miss this major revolution. This is why we have thought of a complete system, accessible to all and with very high added value for our supporters.

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What are the NFTs, these digital works soon accessible to fans of Stade Toulousain?

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