What if the metaverse and NFTs could soften the rivalry between Real and Barca

News hardware What if the metaverse and NFTs could soften the rivalry between Real and Barca

Soon a classico in the metaverse? Web3 has succeeded where others have failed, namely bringing together the two biggest rivals in Spanish football. The two teams recently made a joint request to develop a long-term partnership around the metaverse and NFTs.

Real Madrid and Barcelona form a team for web3

The two football clubs that maintain a historic rivalry have finally found a common point: the web3. On August 5, the certified trademark lawyer Mike Kondoudis, indicated that the two football giants have forged a partnership around new technologies.

Real Madrid and Barcelona have come together on a common battle horse: the metaverse. Using the virtual 3D world of tomorrow, clubs hope to develop a seamless connection between clubs and fans even when the season is over. For the moment it is not known whether the two clubs will exploit an existing metaverse like The Sandbox or Decentraland – or will they decide to create their own metaverse.

Through this partnership, the two major institutions wish to develop their brand image with unprecedented virtual experiences. Specifically, the two clubs intend to use the metaverse, and even NFTs, to vary their digital activities using blockchain technology among other things. The partnership could give rise to:

  • A common game in virtual reality
  • Virtual and physical clothing (shoes, headgear)
  • A virtual “software” for managing cryptocurrency

You are not unaware that the matches between the two rivals are expected to be real events every year. Thus, we imagine that this virtual partnership could be very lucrative, especially during the periods of these famous Clásico.

Beyond the new marketing possibilities that the blockchain will offer, this collaboration could help clubs financially.

This initiative echoes several actions previously carried out in the world of football. Indeed, Barcelona is not at its first attempt since the club has already sold a substantial part of its digital rights to a web3 company. Bought by Chiliz for 100 million, the sale of “Barça Studios” allowed the club to find the funds necessary to maintain the payroll of these players among others. But the clubs of Real and Barça are not the only ones to invest the web3.

Since the bursting of the crypto bubble, the football world, and sport in general, has begun to seriously develop new uses around the blockchain. Clubs, and even players have already exploited several possibilities concerning the web3.

This concerns in particular Kylian Mbappe and his partnership with the play-to-earn Sorare or the Chiliz token fans of several major football clubs. By investing heavily in digital, these clubs are positioning themselves long before these technologies have been massively adopted by fans.

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What if the metaverse and NFTs could soften the rivalry between Real and Barca

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