What if your company launched its NFTs? – Fabien Aufrechter

Twitter, Facebook, Decathlon, Gucci, Vuitton, Balenciaga, Hennessy… Major brands are embarking on Web 3.0 by creating their NFTs. Naturally, the first step is often gimmicky. But the path is marked out: tomorrow, all companies will have their NFTs. As they all now have a website or accounts on social networks.

NFTs, quezaco?

NFTs (non-fungible digital tokens) are unique digital assets. More precisely, the NFT corresponds to a unique certificate of authenticity of an asset that is by definition copyable since it is digital. Because the technology intrinsic to NFTs makes it possible to authenticate, secure and single out an asset. These characteristics are those of the blockchain whose NFTs are a kind of very easy-to-use key.

NFTs are therefore unique keys to objects that are themselves unique whether they are physical, digital, virtual (in the metaverse), whether it is a unique experience (like the golden ticket in “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” by Roald Dahl), a single document (passport, etc.), etc.

Why creating your NFT is a turning point

But the essential is elsewhere: to buy and store an NFT, you need a digital wallet (wallet). After opening your wallet, by definition you need cryptocurrencies to buy your NFT. Then if your NFT is really valuable, you need a digital safe (vault) to store it.

In other words, creating your NFT requires you to really take your first steps in Web 3.0. And it is even an excellent gateway not only for companies but also for their customers. A good opportunity to share an adventure with your community. And a turning point since the creation of NFTs implies for brands to tame the accounting, tax and legal issues of Web 3.0. But above all to renew their ways of creating, communicating and engaging their communities.

It’s your turn !

NFTs are not just new tools, they will also be the real structures of the metaverse tomorrow since behind this buzzword hides augmented or virtual reality in which digital objects are unique and have real value. These digital objects are by nature NFTs, even if the name does not matter to the general public. Today’s NFTs are therefore probably not tomorrow’s. But already, their essential character is sensitive with regard to easily predictable technological turning points.

Mirroring this, the next five years will certainly be those of the regulation of these new digital tools, at least in France. Because the more mainstream NFTs are, the more they will be standardized and supervised. The challenge is immense since it is already a question for the regulators of understanding the stakes. And to support its development, use cases and applications so that everyone can really take hold of it.

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What if your company launched its NFTs? – Fabien Aufrechter

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