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Metastrike is a blockchain-based shooter with a collection of weapons that the player can equip, level up to complete the mission and earn NFTs and tokens. Players can have weapon collection, build map to fight and steal NFT from other players. Metastrike is a first person shooter project that can be used as a base to develop your own FPS project with any idea. It includes many essential features for modern multiplayer FPS games, items like weapons, characters, projectiles, shells, explosions, game modes and much more. Read on and find out if the Metastrike project is worth it.

What is Metastrike (MTS)?

Metastrike is a Blockchain multiplayer FPS game project that includes many advanced features of a shooter, with modern gameplay and heavy investment in visuals and gameplay. Immerse yourself in a game world designed after the success of CSGO and Call of Duty. Players can satisfy their charge level as Smurf! The game is learned from other FPS predecessors, maps, items and weapons are designed in a very balanced way and suitable for professional gamers.

Moreover, since it is a blockchain game, players can trade items on chain, with a variety of weapons and constantly updated. This is extremely useful for veteran players in exchange for items or weapons like traditional games, but completely transparent and stable thanks to blockchain technology. Certainly, limited AWM weapons will be very popular in the NFT market and sold from chain to chain by snipers.


  • Free to Play/Own: No need to spend money to buy the first teams.
  • Play to Win: Performance and game results achieved through PVE and PVP modes.
  • Build to Win: Customize your own cards, sell them as NFTs in Clan War (Guild Mode).

metastrike gameplay

Metastrike is structured as an open digital battlefield. The core Metastrike team will create in-game features associated with the Metaverse brand alongside the community. The Metastrike universe will primarily promote gaming experience, realism, entertainment and VR elements; simply by having an immersive gaming experience, the ecosystem can attract enough players to accumulate value for the community. Metastrike lets you battle friends and foes in immersive game modes and maps, always keeping you on the edge of your seat like no other. The one where only your skill can determine the outcome of the battle. Metastrike has different game mechanics including single player (PVE) and multiplayer (PVE and PVP).

When players start the game, they will need to complete a training to access other game modes. Players will be rewarded (token, NFT box) for completing it. After that, players will create their character (cost token or free first), each player will have a maximum of 3 characters, each character will have energy, and it will cost energy to play. Players will receive an NFT crate to open and obtain a common weapon/item to begin their journey. Each day, players will have a daily task (eg 10 headshots, 1 assist, kill with shotguns, etc.), they must try to complete them and get the reward.

PVE: (VR available)

Zombie mode/survival mode. – Epic boss fight. Before each game, the player can choose to buy utilities (med kit, ammo, etc.) using tokens to get the upper hand. And the reward will be worth it. The game will start with a team of 3 players. If the player survives all stages and defeats the final boss, they will win. Some maps would have different variants of zombies spawning in specific waves. Casual, Deathmatch, Demolition – (play with AI for practice purposes, no reward.)

PVP: (VR compatible)

Players will have a skill rating based on an Elo rating system and will be matched with and against other players around the same rating.

  • Deathmatch, also known as free-for-all, where the objective is to kill the other player’s characters as many times as possible. The match can end within a time limit or a kill limit, and the winner is the player with the most kills. the game can be played in teams or solo.
  • Demolition mode is a bomb defusal game mode with two teams of five players against each other in a best of 30 match.
  • Casual mode is a mode where players play in two opposing teams. The objective is simply to eliminate all players from the opposing team. Sniper vs Sniper mode is a casual mode where two teams fight using only sniper rifles.
  • Home Defense is a mode where players play in two opposing teams. One team will defend inside the house and the other team will have to eliminate the team defense.
  • Capture the Flag is a mode where players play as two teams battling each other. Which team captures the flag at the opponent’s base first will win.

Clan Wars (Guild Mode): (VR compatible)

Each clan will get their land by airdrop/public sale/market. Each land will have its own distinct function. By owning land, you will generate passive income for farming tokens. The higher the land value, the more tokens the clan can earn. A clan can increase the value of land by building custom infrastructure (house, factory, store, etc.) on land using tokens. Another way to get more land is to attack other clans. Before the match, each clan will stake out their lands and the winner will take them. Lands with more infrastructure will help the team have more advantage in the game by giving them more utility (bombs, ammo, vehicles, etc.), so the clan should think carefully before betting on lands .

Live and online tournaments

Due to the rich history of FPS games like CSGO or COD, it would be a waste if they didn’t expand into eSports. This is a key aspect for future growth and they have seen how engaged players become when the money is on the line.

Metastrike NFT Market

The web-based marketplace will be a crucial part of the Metastrike ecosystem. The market will encourage players to build cards and bet on rare items. Buy, sell and trade NFTs: cards, weapons, in-game items and more. It has space for players to create. In the craft room, players collect NFT coins throughout the game and craft dirt or new weapons, other items like knives, armor. And a design room where players can upload their design and it will be voted to be deployed in the game.

Play / Build to Win

PVE: Zombie Hunt

  • When players fight zombies, they receive MTTs (the more zombies you kill, the more attractive the rewards).
  • If the player survives all the stages, he will win and earn a certain amount of MTT tokens for rewards.
  • These points (MTT) are used to buy weapons, perks and access different parts of the map.

PVP: (VR compatible)

  • Deathmatch: The winner is the team/player with the most kills, wins the fight. The MTT Token stat will depend on how many kills they have.
  • Demolition Mode and Casual Mode: Player can win the MTT in three ways: win the match, win more if the other party is willing to bet, upload highlights to the community (every week).
  • Clan Wars (Guild Mode) MTS/MTT tokens will be used to purchase maps, items and services in the world. MTS tokens will also be used to encourage content creation and user adoption, kickstarting the virtual world’s first decentralized FPS.

Metastrike will be free-to-play with creative winning mechanics:

Metastrike will feature multiple in-game earning avenues as players build their own cards and sell them as NFTs. They will be able to complete more play-to-win tasks. Players can choose to focus on hitting, running and game results are achieved through single player mode which also wins in PvP mode. Special events and game modes, staking and market.


MTS Currency

MTS is a BEP-20 governance token for the Metastrike world. MTS holders will be able to claim rewards if they wager their tokens, play the game, and participate in key governance votes (to change rewards and game mechanics. Eventually, MTS will be distributed to Metastrike universe tournaments (may be done by us or by users in guild mode).

MTT Currency

The Metastrike token in the game is called $MTT. This is the main reward in the game for winning a symbol. MTT holders will be able to unlock new maps, participate in game modes and special events, purchase regular consumables, upgrade weapons. Additionally, users can trade to $MTS up to a certain amount (user must hold an NFT before they can trade)

Where to buy an MTS token?

The MTS token can be purchased on several major cryptocurrency exchanges, some of the biggest are: KuCoin, Gate.io and pancake exchange (V2)


Metacoup is a Metaverse FPS Blockchain Game project that includes many essential and advanced features of a shooter, with VR features gameplay and high investment in visuals and gameplay. Metastrike is also a multiplayer NFT game that allows a large number of people to own 3D NFT weapons and use these NFT weapons to participate in battle arenas and get real benefits from battles. Metastrike allows players to freely customize the shape, color, as well as upgrade weapons, gear, and costumes to each player’s taste through various in-game methods and events with in-game currency/token PortalCripto hopes the article clarified everything about the Metastrike project.

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What is Metastrike Coin Token (MTS), NFTs and Gameplay? | PortalCrypto

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