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The Ape Society is a collection of 7.000 unique NFTs generated on the Cardan blockchain. Claim a monkey by hitting it or buying it from a secondary market and secure your place in the community. In this article, we will learn about the NFT project, The Ape Society.

What is the Monkey Society?

The Ape Society is a group of 7.000 unique ape NFTs built on the Cardano blockchain. Any NFT collector who wishes to join the project’s elite community can claim a monkey by purchasing it from a secondary market.


Verified holders have access to both the team-supported company and the community-run DAO, each with their own set of benefits, activities, and more. Each of the 7.000 characters in this project has a distinctive design based on a set of qualities. Some traits are more common than others, but each monkey has their own unique sense of style and purpose.

History of the Monkey Society

A long time ago, there was a world filled with rude Barbarian Apes. They constantly attacked others without caring about the consequences. In times of surplus, they would accumulate more and more. In times of scarcity, they instilled fear, uncertainty and doubt wherever they went, quickly selling all their valuables in a panic. Instead of giving each other names, they referred to each other by numbers. It was every man for himself, and the concept of family and community was nowhere to be found.

One day a young monkey decided he wanted to see change. He gave himself a name: Giambuono de’ Medici. Giambuono realized that each monkey alone was not something that could sustain growth and progress. He worked with that mindset, gained a following, and when he came of age created what is now known as The Ape Society. He divided his followers into 7 classes – nobles, royal advisers, military officers, merchants, explorers, artists and artisans – each of which was necessary for the survival and prosperity of the society. Over time, these 7 classes have been grouped into 35 families, each with its own story of emergence and promise for the future. This future begins now.

Activities for The Ape Society holders: Cabins

Here are the activities offered to verified holders of The Ape Society:

  • Existing monkeys are whitelisted for a hut lot in society
  • Cabins are customizable high resolution 3D pieces with features
  • Buy and upgrade boards with the SOCIETY token
  • Add utilitarian and aesthetic designs by purchasing tables, chairs, floors, pool tables, gramophones
    and much more
  • Advertise your brand or something you are a part of via your booth

Courses and benefits

The foundation of The Ape Society rests on artisans. Without trained employees, no civilization can function. They are required to build museums for artists, weapons for military leaders, and ships for explorers. The Ape Society would not have become what it is today without his passion for his profession.


Crafters can build frameless items for cabins one at a time. Tables, benches, floors, walls, billiards, gramophones, display cases and other items are included. Artisans can earn $SOCIETY by selling their items in the market through their hard work. Artisans are also rewarded when betting on their Monkey, with a base multiplier of 1x.


The Ape Society is entertained by entertainers. What’s the point of working if it’s not pleasant? Art motivates people to create for expression and meaning, rather than mere survival. The artists touch the hearts of all monkeys with their art, music, theater and sculptures.

In recognition of their help, the artists receive a free painting in their booths. Additionally, artists receive extra credit in whitelist draw contests.‍ Artists are also rewarded when they wager their Ape, with a base multiplier of 1.15x.


The Ape Society’s desire to explore outside of its habitat is met by Explorers. Explorers open the eyes of many and find places most can only see in their fantasies as they travel through treacherous oceans, vast deserts and even the unknown of space.

Explorers have their cost of each frame reduced by 50% due to their tendency to find things first.‍ Explorers are also rewarded when they stake their monkey, with a base multiplier of 1.35x.


Traders respond to a critical demand in business. A banking system is necessary in any modern society to represent the value of work, goods and entertainment. The mercantile elite, completely decentralized, have filled the coffers of The Ape Society for centuries.

Traders receive 2% of the income from unframed items bought and sold at the Ape Society Market, encouraging them to keep up the good work.‍ Traders are also rewarded when they stake their Ape, with a base multiplier of 1.45x.

military officers

The fortifications of the Société des Singes have long been guarded by military officers. The officers, known as the most strategic and advanced group in the world, provide security and stability to the population. Despite the fact that the Ape Society is mostly at peace, military officers are prepared and equipped for battle.

Military Officers claim distant lands and have the opportunity to earn free stuff and riches along the way.‍ Military Officers are also rewarded when they stake their monkey, with a base multiplier of 1.7x.

royal advisers

The parties in power have always listened to the royal advisers. Politics is a difficult game that can often lead to the loss of a company. Since its inception, The Ape Society has had a team of well-trained and disciplined counselors.

Royal advisors can use their power to give steps and chances to other monkeys. Having a Royal Advisor increases staking rewards for all other Monkeys by 1.2x.‍ By staking your Monkey, Royal Advisor holders also gain benefits, with a base multiplier of 2.35x.


The Monkey Society has always been ruled by nobles, often known as the Medici dynasty. All are direct descendants of Giambuono de’ Medici and have inherited his wisdom and vision. It is a mysterious family full of legends composed mainly of extraterrestrial beings and undead.

Nobles receive a larger starting cabin upgrade than other classes, as well as some special items designed specifically for them.‍ Nobles are also rewarded when they stake their monkey, with a base multiplier of 7x.


Each of the 35 families is headed by one of the kings. The unique family structure of the Ape Society has been a mainstay. Society would implode without the bond that was formed and the enormous burden of responsibility that was borne by the kings.

The Round Table, a unique set of Kings with a direct connection to the elusive Ape Force One, is accessible to Kings. Kings receive the benefits of their class, plus 1% of all bounties for their particular family.


SOCIETY is a utility token that serves as the foundation of The Ape Society. No great civilization can prosper without the currency that unites it. Giambuono enlisted the help of his obedient merchants to develop a model that future members could use as a means of trade. As the Society grows, the SOCIETY can be saved and redeemed for future gallery upgrades, items, trades, and benefits.

Where to buy The Ape Society NFTs?

Ape Society NFTs can be purchased from the NFT Market below:


HAS The Society of Monkeys is a collection of 7,000 unique NFTs generated on the Cardano blockchain. Each holder is a member of one of the XNUMX families and has access to the DAO. The goal is to create tools, resources, unique art, and harness the power of community to create fertile ground for knowledge, collaboration, and fun.

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What is The Ape Society – Collection of 7.000 unique NFTs generated on the Cardano blockchain | PortalCrypto

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