Why Exclusible’s NFTs do not know the crisis?

What is this company that manages to sell NFTs in minutes when the market is in full swing? bear market? For those who don’t follow NFT news closely, an agency knows no crisis. What is her name ? Exclusive. Behind this name with the air of a luxury brand hides a sulphurous Web3 platform. His latest achievement, the launch of a collection of NFTs for Swiss watchmaker Frédérique Constant, speaks for itself. While most NFT projects oscillate between immobility and descent into hell, how to explain the success of these launches? Three reasons for this insolent success.

Exclusible, the empire of luxury in Web3

An unparalleled platform

Exclusible does not only offer NFT and Web3 services on the fly, unlike many players in this ecosystem. By providing luxury brands with a tailor-made platform, Exclusible allows them to take full advantage of the power of Web3.

Web3 Real Estate Development

Beyond the resounding partnerships with the most famous luxury brands in the world, the great achievement of Exclusible is the development of luxury real estate in the Web3 and in the metaverses. Penthouse, loft, or even private islands. While many still wonder if digital real estate will ever exist, these industry leaders have already taken the lion’s share and offer surprising properties to their wealthy clientele.

And for the first time, this very private club is opening its doors wide. On June 12, you can take part in the biggest luxury real estate mint ever. Exclusive NFT holders will get perks, like a free mint for Theia members, or a 33% discount for Alpha members.

However, for those who want to start their adventure at Exclusible, this link allows you to benefit from the same advantages than an Alpha member. Or 33% discount on a unique property that we present in more detail later in this article. An opportunity not to be missed !

A global community of luxury collectors

Finally, Exclusible’s greatest strength is undoubtedly its community of luxury collectors. The products on this platform would not be constantly out of stock without the presence of avid buyers.

This community is built around two NFT collections owned by Exclusible, giving members Private Club benefits:

Many projects try as best they can to bring together a few buyers to fulfill their whitelists . We should tell them that it’s a waste of time, because major buyers, big stars and enthusiasts are already committed to the Exclusive cause. The latter wouldn’t change for anything in the world, because Exclusible offers them the best of Web3, and they love it.

Exclusive, an insolent success in the universe of NFTs

Yes, they love it. The list of exploits of this Web3 platform is surprisingly long when you consider the youth of this market. And the names that we find there make one dizzy:

  • The most expensive cars in the world, Bugatti, in partnership with Asprey, emblem of English luxury;
  • Louis Moinet, Swiss watchmaker since 1806;
  • Christofle, goldsmith since the 19th century;
  • Hogan, maker of luxury sneakers;
  • Frédérique Constant, another world famous Swiss watchmaker.

For many people, some of these marks are unknown. This is the essence of real luxury brands. For the Exclusible community, these names are very real. This explains the crazy success of each of these collections. Completely sold out in seconds for one, floor price having reached 20 ethers (ETH) for the other, the figures make you dizzy.

The Exclusible community is also rewarded for its loyalty. For the Bugatti collection, 130 of the 261 spots were reserved for it. It’s the only way to get your hands on one of these rare collectibles, because the number of NFTs per drop does not exceed 1000 units. And the promises of gains are kept when the mints are on average at 0.1 ether (ETH).

While each of these collections is a feat that any Web3 platform would call its own, for Exclusive it’s not even the best. As we told you, the great strength of this company is luxury real estate: 150 villas sold in January 2022 and 25 private islands sold by word of mouth. Among the buyers, we can mention Marco Verratti or the Israeli platform eToro.

The best of Exclusible is yet to come

One might think that the best part has already passed, and that the train has already left the station for a long time. But that would be misunderstanding Exclusible. The craziest is ahead of us. This time it’s penthouses which will be on sale. Several thousand goods will be available on the market in mid-June, in the Spatial.io metaverse. Continuing with its obsession for luxury and high-end, Exclusible provides unique renderings, deep textures, striking colors. The different rooms will have elaborate sizes and decors with breathtaking views of the most beautiful landscapes imaginable.

This collection will be divided into 3 color variants: Quartz, Ruby and Obsidian. Moreover, each penthouse will give on a unique place of life, such as Paris, Miami or New Caledonia. And these variations will naturally be of different levels of rarity and randomly assigned.

Exceptional places to combine business with pleasure!

These divine places will allow their lucky holders to organize all types of events, private and public, to create projects or develop their image. Obviously, this type of NFT is not for everyone. This market is open to brands and companies, which will be able to organize trade fairs and bring their communities together. Gone are the disturbing images of Carrefour, which brought together its collaborators in a dubious metaverse halfway between a video game from the 2000s and a feverish delirium.

These penthouses will offer limitless possibilities to their holders. The pinnacle of design and technology, these vast venues will bring together up to 50 lucky guests at any given time. Reception rooms, decorations worthy of the Élysée Palace, digital art galleries, helicopter carrier… The list of advantages is limitless. Furthermore, the personalization of these spaces offers holders the possibility of installing a branding custom made.

Do the best things happen to others?

Full of stars in our eyes, we see these exceptional places exist, far from our reality. Yet these penthouses will not be reserved for Gucci or Snoop Dogg. Because once again, the Exclusible community is the cement of their success. For this reason, these magical places will not only be available, accessible, but sometimes even free.

Yes, free. This will be the case for all holdersof the NFT Theia who will participate in the mint .

However, not everyone is lucky enough to have a Theia NFT from Exclusible. For holders of Exclusible’s NFT Alpha, the mintwill be at 0.4 ethers, i.e. 33% less than for the dirty publicto 0.6 ethers.

But once again, it is the community that takes precedence for Exclusible. This is why this team, decidedly exceptional, has set up early access allowing you to benefit from the Alpha reduction of 33%.

Thus, anyone wishing to join the Exclusible community of excellence can now do so by participating in the mintwith 33% discount, through this link.

Don’t miss your chance to join the countless benefits of Exclusible. Join the luxury adventure without delay. — Sponsored post

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Why Exclusible’s NFTs do not know the crisis?

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