Will Apple get into NFTs? We strongly doubt it

On social networks, more and more people seem convinced that Apple will release a collection of NFTs. Is such a change of philosophy possible in the company? Allow us to doubt it.

Apple, one of the most influential companies on the planet (if not the most influential), will it launch into NFT? According to a growing number of rumours, that could soon be the case. But there are many reasons to doubt the evidence exhibited.

Where do these rumors come from?

Rumors about a potential arrival of Apple NFTs are linked to WWDC 2022, the Californian brand’s major annual developer conference. This high mass, which will be held from June 6 to 10, will allow the leaders of the brand to present new features for Macs, iPhones, iPads and other Apple ranges. This year, we expect in particular information on the future Apple AR / VR headset, which should be launched in 2023.

For further

How did NFC get involved in this story? To fuel the expectations of its fans, Apple has set up a game on its site dedicated to WWDC. By interacting with the Memojis present on the home page, 3 cards can be displayed in augmented reality. Since May 31 on Mac Forum, NFT fans see it as proof that Apple will market these cards. Yes, it’s a bit far-fetched.

WWDC 2022 trading cards // Source: Mac Rumors

These cards are not meant to have any intrinsic value, or even be tradable. It would only be ” Web2 elements » as Cointelegraph notes, unlike files that might be usable on Web3. They kind of look like Pokemon cards, with Memojis inside (including that of Craig Federighi, Apple’s coolest VP).

NFT fans see an irrefutable connection to the collectible cards of RTFKT’s Clonex NFT Collection, and the use of augmented reality makes them think that these cards will be usable in a metaverse (while Apple has never expressed itself on this term). Many media relay this information and sometimes forget to really analyze it. Some even think that Apple itself started the rumors.

WWDC is a highly anticipated event for developers and Apple fans // Source: Apple

A business without interest for Apple

While it is true that more and more companies are deciding to ride the trend, by launching a collection of NFTs or by investing in the “metaverse” (even the most conservative institutions, such as the Vatican, have put), Apple is not the type to do like everyone else. As a reminder, NFTs, for non fungible tokens or non-exchangeable tokens in French, are files registered in a blockchain. This is what guarantees their authenticity, and their use in metaverses. This is also what has made it possible to create a virtual art market that has reached record sums.

Quite honestly, the probability that Apple will launch NFT cards seems close to 0% to us. The firm does not usually “tease” these announcements and, in our opinion, these augmented reality cards are only easter eggs (the presence of Craig Federighi is mainly there to make the fans laugh). Note also that Apple has a habit of offering giveaways to devs heading to WWDC and that these trading cards might just be one of Monday’s welcome gifts (the lucky ones will have Craig!). We’re not even sure Apple had NFTs in mind when it came up with this operation.

Apple WWDC
Apple NFTs at WWDC? We doubt it / Source: Apple

Despite their resounding success (and above all in the media), NFTs are not a risk-free business. Between the very strong fluctuation of token values, speculation, numerous scam attempts and phishing, the NFT environment is certainly not healthy enough for Apple, which is not used to entering sectors controversial. It is certain that the brand monitors this universe closely, but it is hard to imagine launching virtual cards to collect without any utilitarian interest. The richest company in the world does not need it and will probably wait to find a real use for it.

Another problem to take into account: the addition of NFT to an ecosystem is generally very frowned upon by the communities. The players of Ghost Recon Breakpoint shunned the tokens set up by Ubisoft and Discord users went on strike to protest the arrival of NFTs on the service. While some Apple fans might be very happy that Apple sold them a Tim Cook card, others would also be very angry and no longer recognize the company and its values.

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Will Apple get into NFTs? We strongly doubt it

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