Wincity: the NFT real estate investment platform launches its “Play to Earn” game

After making real estate investment more accessible using NFTs, the French platform Wincity is now tackling blockchain gaming. Find out how this new “Play to Earn” works, combining video games and real estate.

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Wincity, the platform that links real estate investment to NFTs

Since its first collection of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) launched in early 2022, the platform wincity continues its development in the world of blockchain.

The 1,111 “Paris Grande Chaumière” NFTs divided into 4 levels of rarity allowed users to get their first foot in real estate investment by receiving a share of the rent every 11th of the month, with an estimated annual return of 8%.

The initial objective of the platform is to offer its users to buy NFTs whose value is attached to a share of real estate, to make investment in this sector more liquid and accessible.

While a new special collection called “History” already made it possible to obtain a right of governance over the decisions taken for the development of the platform, invitations to private events and to be whitelisted on the next mints of goods real, Wincity is preparing to offer a new functionality to the holders of the tokens of this collection: blockchain gaming.

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A “Play to Earn” game featuring French monuments

Highlighting the French tourist heritage, the History collection allows people with one of the 3,333 NFTs to join the Wincity video game adventure.

The objective is simple and will bring back memories to those nostalgic for Monopoly evenings, since it will be necessary to attract more and more visitors to accumulate the most points possible.

The buildings built by the players will allow them to collect “win.coin”, an internal currency in the game, in order to be able to improve their constructions and increase their earnings.

Based on games over a week, the goal for users is to earn maximum points in order to climb to the top of the weekly leaderboard and receive better rewards. Don’t worry about the regularity to have, just log in from time to time to take full advantage of the Wincity game.

Wincity Blockchain Game Overview

How the game works and its associated rewards

The link between the real world and the virtual world is important for Wincity. This is why his game is no exception to the rule.

The number of points earned by the players will depend on the number of visitors to the monuments present in the game. To do this, Wincity relies on data from telecommunications companies to know the actual amount of visits. In addition, different bonuses and maluses will accompany these visitors according to their types, ranging from “businessman”, “tourist” and others.

Also note that, for the sake of balance, monuments that are more difficult to access (such as the Pont du Gard for example) will also take into account visits to the town.

Map Eiffel Tower

Overview of the Eiffel Tower NFT and visits received

To access the game, the only condition is to have an NFT from the History collection, obtainable randomly via the purchase of a “chest” worth 99 euros by credit card or in ETH, or recoverable for free for users who have already participated in another Wincity collection. Additionally, the rarity level of an NFT will impact its in-game performance.

But if you’re wondering where the main interest of this game lies, the answer lies in the rewards. The weekly classification of visits makes it possible get a higher ETH reward based on your rank. Additionally, daily quests also reward active players for performing various activities within the game.

To celebrate the launch of this new game, users performing daily tasks during the first playthrough will have a chance to receive a History card as a reward.

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Wincity’s P2E game will be released on October 8

After linking non-fungible tokens to real estate, Wincity is adding gamification to its ecosystem.

Its “Play to Earn” game rewards the most active players financially, and adds a playful point of view to the world of traditional real estate.

The Wincity community looks forward to the release of this game scheduled for Saturday, October 8 at 5:00 p.m..

Note that new NFTs backed by real property will be offered for sale at the end of October. This will be the perfect opportunity to fully join the Wincity ecosystem.

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Wincity: the NFT real estate investment platform launches its “Play to Earn” game

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