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Lasserre & Papillon, distributor at the origin of the BTC Wine project, continues its expansion in Web3.

After their marketplace focused on the sale of Great Wines in bitcoins (BTC), Lasserre & Papillon is back with the Wine Bottle Club. Let’s discover together this community project associating Great Wines and blockchain.

Lasserre & Papillon and the Great Wines, a true love story

Before introducing you to the Wine Bottle Club initiative, let’s come back together to the entity behind this initiative. Thus, the blockchain journey of Lasserre & Papillon begins in 2018. Indeed, the official distributor of Bordeaux wines is not at its first attempt in terms of innovation.

With their certification, the company guarantees the origin of the Grands Crus and optimal preservation of the carefully crafted nectars. The way wines are stored has an influence on their shelf life. On the strength of its experience, Lasserre & Papillon makes it a point of honor to store its customers’ wine directly on the property or in a specialized warehouse such as that of Bordeaux City Bond.

In 2018, the company launched BTC Wine, the first online sales site dedicated to Fine Wines payable in bitcoins. The success of this platform makes French excellence shine throughout the world, serving more than 30 countries across the globe. Among the wines offered for sale on the platform, we can mention some of the most prestigious castles in the world: Château Cheval Blanc, Château Pape Clément and Château Gruaud Larose for example.

The promotion of NFTs and their various applications have motivated Lasserre & Papillon to push the commitment of wine fans a step further. Thus, the official distributor of Grands Vins de Bordeaux is now offering its utilitarian NFT project supported by BTC Wine: the Wine Bottle Club.

The Wine Bottle Club

To be part of Wine Bottle Clubyou will need to purchase a NFT of the collection developed by the project. This first collection, named GENESIS, will consist of 4926 NFTs, all attached to a very real bottle of wine. The launch of this series is scheduled for June 1, 2022 at 6 p.m.for a unit price of 0.3 ETH per NFT.

JonOne, Source: @byndr

A panel of 100 attributes is proposed to generate combinations of NFTs of all kinds. Some backgrounds are the result of a collaboration of the project with the artist JonOne, founder of the group of artists “156 All Starz”. You can find an example of NFT from the Genesis collection with the illustration below.

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NFT from the Wine Bottle Club collection, Source: Wine Bottle Club

However, the initiative is not limited to the purchase of an NFT. As mentioned above, for each NFT purchased, you will receive the actual bottle of wine attached to it.

The list of available wines breaks down as follows: 1500 Margaux Bitcoin La Cuvée ® 2019, 1500 Saint-Emilion Grand Cru Bitcoin La Cuvée ® 2019, 1500 Pessac-Léognan Bitcoin La Cuvée ® 2019, 180 Château Gruaud Larose 2014, 180 Château Pape Clément 2014, 60 Château Cheval Blanc 2011 and 6 legendary bottles which will be revealed very soon.

1653841893 78 Wine Bottle Club combines fine wines and blockchain in its
Genesis Collection Wines, Source: Wine Bottle Club

To keep you informed, I invite you to follow the project on his social networks.

What are the advantages of being part of the Wine Bottle Club?

1653841893 558 Wine Bottle Club combines fine wines and blockchain in its
Source: Wine Bottle Club

Lasserre & Papillon wishes to bring together members who share a common passion: wine! However, the Wine Bottle Club will reserve many surprises for its members. Indeed, being part of the club means taking part in the first crypto / wine club in the world, which is moreover on a French initiative, recognized all over the planet for its exceptional wines.

Then, you will be able to benefit from preferential rates on the previously mentioned BTC Wine platform. Visits to great Châteaux and individual tastings will also be offered to members. Moreover, being part of Wine Bottle Club will give you access to many events around the world and to the project’s cellar in the metaverse. Finally, places for white lists of partner projects will be added to the advantages listed above.

Lasserre & Papillon innovates once again with their latest proposal: the Wine Bottle Club. Investing in the NFTs of the project means above all integrating the world of Grands Crus and tasting exceptional wines.

The Wine Bottle Club seeks to build a community of enthusiasts gathered around the same passion. You can already find the project team and their first aficionados on their server Discord. Finally, the project provides many advantages for its members, which I invite you to discover in more detail on their website. Want to diversify your investments? This project will delight lovers of Great Wines!

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Wine Bottle Club combines fine wines and blockchain in its first NFT collection – Forbes France

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