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The National Rugby League is proud to announce two major partnerships with Bamg Sports and LegendaryPlays, two expert players in WEB 3.0, following its consultation launched last May.

Bamg Sports has created OVAL3, which becomes the official NFT card platform for TOP 14 and PRO D2 and will offer all rugby fans an offer of NFT cards to collect on all professional players from the 30 TOP 14 clubs and of PRO D2. Bamg Sports will also offer the first fantasy rugby game based on digital collections this winter.

LegendaryPlays, meanwhile, is becoming the official NFT Videos Platform for the TOP 14 and PRO D2 and will offer all rugby fans the opportunity to collect iconic video clips from the TOP 14 since 1998 and the PRO D2 since 2008. An experience gaming will also be offered this winter.

We believe in the appeal of NFTs to engage and expand the community of fans of our championships, in France and beyond. We are entering the digital world of NFTs with an offer that reflects our sport and its values: a flawless collective with the 30 professional clubs involved, solidarity in the redistribution of income and an enhanced fan experience, with two expert actors, Bamg Sports and LegendaryPlays. explains Emmanuel Eschalier, Director General of the LNR.

The NFT approach, desired by the Economic Development and Innovation Commission of the LNR at the origin of the consultation, is:

  • 100% collective?; the approach brings together the 30 professional clubs and the 1,466 professional players of TOP 14 and PRO D2.
  • 100% innovative; the focus was on the fan experience with an unprecedented offer and interaction services with fans. The objective is to become a world reference in the world of sport and rugby.

Designed in a secure and responsible approach, the NFTs of cards and videos are guaranteed by the Blockchain Tezos, a platform recognized for its more environmentally friendly approach. Bamg Sports and LegendaryPlays have also committed to compensation actions with the LNR to limit the carbon footprint.

These two platforms will also allow a possible enlargement of the catalog to other rugby competitions, thus giving them an international dimension.


Bamg Sports has created OVAL3, the official NFT Cards platform for TOP 14 and PRO D2 (LOT 1)

OVAL3 offers an immersive gaming experience, never before achieved, made possible by WEB 3.0 technologies. Around a Fantasy rugby game, which benefits from the experience gained with the game Fantasy Rugby World and its 35,000 users worldwide, OVAL3 will offer a set of NFT cards to collect, exchange and evolve.

As soon as the platform opens at the end of the year, fans will have access to all the official NFT cards of more than 1,400 TOP 14 and PRO D2 players. The offer will be enriched with accessory cards (boosters, etc.).

Finally, OVAL3 will allow a future enlargement of the clubs and championships represented to other professional rugby leagues and thus make it a global NFT rugby platform.

It is a great pride for us to collaborate with the League within the OVAL3 project. We are lucky to be able to combine our passion for this sport and our expertise in WEB 3.0 to carry out an ambitious and particularly innovative project. Following on from the success of our game Fantasy Rugby World (FRW), we want to support rugby fans, gamers and French rugby players in a unique immersive experience based on the best of the WEB. 3.0. says Tony Bouquier, CEO of Bamg Sports.


Legendary Plays will launch official NFT videos platform of TOP 14 and PRO D2 (LOT 2)

The video captures special moments from the championships and forges a very strong emotional connection in the fan experience. LegendaryPlays will launch an official platform in December 2022 in a totally immersive universe with:

  • Plays, NFTs of videos integrated into a very aesthetic and engaging 3D virtual medium. These Plays may be purchased, gifted or resold.
  • An inclusive “Free-to-play” model, with part of the catalog accessible free of charge and more exclusive content, accessible through a paid formula.
  • Games and avatars to attract young people and animate the whole community? rugby.
  • A first step towards the decentralized web 3.0 universe using blockchain technology


We thank the NRL and the clubs for their trust and are very happy to support them in this new adventure. Video NFTs have a strong emotional power, which unites and federates all fans. They will be able to live their passion by collecting and offering Plays, playing and mobilizing around their favorite club. LegendaryPlays is resolutely aimed at the general public. Our desire is to put the fan at the center of our value proposition and to strengthen the links between sport and its supporters. says Philippe February, CEO of LegendaryPlays.

These two lots are granted through a three-season multi-year license agreement.
About OVAL3

The OVAL3 brand was created in 2022 by Bamg Sports, a leading company in its sector, which designed and developed Fantasy Rugby World, a game which brings together 35,000 users worldwide. For OVAL3, Bamg Sports is fully associated with ERA2140, assistance in the construction of the overall project, tokenomics and technical development, Markchain, communication agency dedicated to Web 3.0, Pyrats Labs, for technical development more specifically related to Blockchain and Tezos. Bamg Sports is supported by ORWL, a Web 3.0 specialist law firm. OVAL3 aims to bring the world of rugby into the world of Web 3.0 and promises a unique immersive experience. More information on

About LegendaryPlays

LegendaryPlays is a company created in 2022 by Philippe February and Benjamin Simatos. The project was born out of their belief that NFTs and blockchain technology are a great way to enrich the relationship between fans, their clubs and their favorite sport.

Through video, LegendaryPlays transforms the emotions offered by great sporting moments into digital assets giving access to a whole new experience, playful, engaging and open to all on legendaryplays.com.

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With the National Rugby League, a collective project of NFT » The economic and political newsletter of PACA

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