World’s first private NFT club launches in Hong Kong

NFTs are generating a lot of excitement around the world. Individuals are more and more interested in it, celebrities and artists are exploiting this new vein, companies want to use their properties to improve their business (like CodeNekt in the automobile or even winegrowers), governments use and regulate them (just like presidential candidates in South Korea or of Ukraine). A new milestone is about to be reached: on April 9, 2022, the world’s first private NFT club will be launched in Hong Kong. In this article, we will first describe the Punk Whales Clubthen we will focus on the analysis of three interesting uses of NFTs introduced by this club.

Description of the first private club based on NFTs

The PunkWhales Club introduces a revolutionary membership system, which works on the purchase of NFT to own a “membership”. To participate in the first decentralized club in the world, it’s very simple. Indeed, all you have to do is buy one of its two NFT offers: the PunkWhales Club BLUE Membership or the PunkWhales Club BLACK Membership. On April 9 Club NFT Memberships will be available. The BLUE card is 2.4 ETH and the more prestigious BLACK card is 4.15 ETH. These “membership” offers will allow members access to the Clubhouse (the exact location of which in Hong Kong will be decided by the NFT holders) which will feature a Japanese omakase restaurant, a secluded cigar lounge, a cocktail bar and private, soundproof meeting rooms 24 hours a day, 7 days a week (for Club BLACK members only).

NFTs as club membership tickets that can be resold

The use of NFTs as a way to join a private club still opens up new uses for the token. In particular to revolutionize ticketing systems. This model doesn’t include any application or annual fee, but that’s not all. NFT holders will also be able to create an income stream or invest by renting club membership from, or reselling their membership on secondary markets such as Rarible and Opensea. On the one hand, it’s interesting that NFTs can serve as tickets to real-world events. On the other hand, they can be resold at any time, which increases flexibility and liquidity for ticket holders.

NFTs, sources of “rewards” in the real world

Another innovative perspective of this system introduces the idea of ​​using NFT as a “pass” to access luxury leisure activities, for example. As part of the PunkWhales Club, the holder can have restaurants, bars, lounges and private lounges. Concretely, an NFT may exist in the virtual world, it can lead to advantages and rewards in the real world.

NFTs, community creators

Finally, this private club based on the possession of an NFT serving as a membership ticket perfectly illustrates the unifying dimension of NFTs. Indeed, a close-knit community is regularly created around an NFT. Regarding the PunkWhales Club, this community will be all the more united as it will actually meet.

Now, the question that remains is whether this use of NFTs will soon arrive in France. For the moment, no luxury private club, but there are many communities like the Panthéon Business Club, which brings together French entrepreneurs and is only accessible with an NFT card.

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World’s first private NFT club launches in Hong Kong

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