Zooming in on Shopify’s New NFT Feature: Tokengate Crypto Briefing

E-commerce solution Shopify recently launched over 100 new features, including NFTs, that put merchants around the world in control of the tools and technology they need to engage and connect with consumers.

Shopify: what is it for?

Shopify is an e-commerce platform that works both online and offline to create a website that includes your online store. It is sold as a subscription service, so there is no need to put together the web development stuff like domain name, third-party theme, and hosting. Most of the tools you need for managing your online store are included in your Shopify subscription.

Shopify is ideal for those who own or acquire products and want to sell them online. You can sell furniture and jewelry, and digital products like e-books. All of these businesses work very well on Shopify because it offers an ultimate solution for selling and payment method. Not to mention that you don’t have to be a designer to create a professional website.

Shopify adds NFT to its platform.

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Shopify has introduced NFT integration among other features in its new semi-annual product storefront called Editions. According to the launch, the new way to connect with customers via NFTs is a technique to express the company’s belief in “unlimited games”.

Now, Shopify users can link their crypto wallets to shops on the platform to verify that they own a specific NFT. This gives accessibility to valuable offers like authentic experiences and exclusive content or merchandise. Shopify calls this “tokengated”.

So Shopify Founder and CEO Tobi Lütke said:

“We are constantly pushing the boundaries of what is possible for entrepreneurs. »

After testing in beta mode, the feature is now available to all merchants globally, by invitation only, with a small number of merchants having NFT collections.

NFT craze.

Shopify’s integration of NFT functionality helps at a time when so many big names are crushing NFT. As reported by Cryptonary, Meta recently announced plans to soon allow creators to show off their NFTs to the world and earn money through Instagram Stories.

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Indeed, the recent conference of the NFT. NYC on Digital Assets was held in Times Square, where artists, designers, NFT business owners and entrepreneurs took the stage to discuss fashion, NFT and e-commerce.

NFT tokens for e-merchants.

Shopify: this feature offers a possibility to create NFTs.
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Shopify’s goal is to make it easier for online stores to create and use non-fungible tokens. Thus, one of the features available is the ability to create NFTs on blockchains, Polygon, Ethereum, Solana and Flow.

To do this, customers can connect their wallets to an online store. But sellers can also choose to partner with other brands that offer their own NFTs and related experiences.

Shopify connects online merchants with partners that specialize in selling merchandise. However, it offers stores the ability to reward token-holding customers with products as per their brand.

A blockchain strategy with Shopify.

Shopify allows online stores to reserve certain products, discounts, or favorites only for specific NFT holders. Through Shopify’s tokengating app partners, you can make a selection of particular NFTs and smart contracts to choose what they allow access to.

For Shopify, this feature allows e-commerce merchants to develop a blockchain strategy, such as building a community, building customer loyalty, or increasing revenue.

Shopify has identified several use cases for Tokengated commerce: exclusive access to offers, partnering with other brands using tokengating, eligibility for airdrops, and even building online communities.

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Zooming in on Shopify’s New NFT Feature: Tokengate Crypto Briefing

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