Binance To Advise Kazakhstan On Crypto Regulation – Bitcoin Regulation News

Binance To Advise Kazakhstan On Crypto Regulation Bitcoin Regulation

The Binance cryptocurrency exchange will help the government of Kazakhstan in its efforts to regulate the country’s crypto space. The global coin exchange platform will also help integrate the national banking system with the expanding digital asset market. Kazakhstan to cooperate with Binance on the development of its crypto sector Binance, the world’s leading crypto … Read more

A new blockchain training | To advise

His goal? Explain to advisors and Pl. Fin., “and more broadly to all professionals in the fields of real estate, investments or personal insurance”, what a “chain of blocks” consists of, both in its technical aspect and in its compliance aspects, and why it will soon have “major consequences on their practices”. “THIS TECHNOLOGY WILL … Read more

Investing in crypto-art: attractive, but risky | To advise

Investing in crypto art attractive but risky To advise

This market, while attractive, remains difficult for investors to grasp. “The NFTs market is very cyclical and its movements are difficult to predict,” warned Yannick Folla, crypto-art collector and co-founder of 0x Society, a Montreal art gallery specializing in NFTs. The market for non-fungible tokens of art or crypto art has experienced significant growth over … Read more