Crypto: Flybondi airline innovates with rather special tickets

Crypto Flybondi airline innovates with rather special tickets

Sun 25 Sep 2022 ▪ 10:00 am ▪ 4 min read – by Cédrick Aimé GUELANG OFALABEN Flybondi, Argentina’s discount airline, has announced that it will now integrate non-fungible tokens (NFT) in its ticket office. By introducing non-fungible tokens into its business operations, the company wants to expand its options and give more flexibility to … Read more

Argentina – Airline issues flight tickets as NFTs

Traitement TVA Des Services Fournis Par Les Plateformes Dechange De

The usefulness of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) is often questioned by some detractors, seeing in it only one form hidden scam, totally useless. Yet there is news that tends to prove otherwise – and that real world applications are indeed possible. In fact, an airline low-cost located in Argentina ad the forthcoming issuance of airline tickets … Read more

Vueling Airline to Start Accepting Crypto Payments in 2023 FinSMEs

The largest Spanish airline, Vuelingsaid it will accept 13 different cryptocurrencies as payment for its flight services starting in 2023. The company has partnered with bitpay and UATP to offer the new payment service option. Vueling will use the cryptos as payment for airline tickets. To build the infrastructure for the new service, the airline … Read more

Emirates Flies Into The Metaverse With Airline NFTs

Emirates Flies Into The Metaverse With Airline NFTs

The national carrier of the United Arab Emirates has announced that it will launch collectible and utility NFTs, with the first project already underway. In a announcement on April 14, Emirates said it would launch NFTs and “exciting metaverse experiences” for its customers and employees. Sheikh Ahmed Al Maktoum, Chairman and CEO of Emirates, said … Read more