Alfa Romeo 159 2.2 JTS vs BMW 320i E90, berlines chics et pas chères, dès 3 500 €

1674665983 Alfa Romeo 159 22 JTS vs BMW 320i E90 berlines

En 2005, Alfa Romeo lance une attaque en règle contre BMW sur le segment des berlines premiums avec sa 159. Stylée comme jamais, ultramoderne et généreusement garantie, elle ne manque pas d’arguments. Seulement, la même année, la marque bavaroise renouvelle sa Série 3, qui revient plus séduisante que jamais, à un détail près : elle n’est … Read more

Alfa Romeo Mito TB 155 vs Peugeot 207 THP 150, du punch à pas cher, dès 3 000 €

Alfa Romeo Mito TB 155 vs Peugeot 207 THP 150

Les forces en présence Ligne très fluide et musclée pour l’Alfa Romeo Mito. Elle ne sera jamais modifiée. Alfa Romeo Mito TB 155 (2008 – 2010), berline 3 portes, 4-cylindres en ligne, 1,4 l, 155 ch, 1 145 kg, à partir de 4 500 €.   Beaucoup de trouvailles pour la ligne de la Peugeot 207, … Read more

Alfa Romeo had the brilliant idea of ​​using NFTs with the Tonale

Alfa Romeo had the brilliant idea of ​​using NFTs with

To most people, the term NFT will sound like the collection of overalls sold, at the height of the bubble, for hundreds of thousands of dollars. The website the misnamed future of digital art, which every day seems to be of less and less interest to the majority of users, could have a brilliant ally … Read more

Buying an ALFA ROMEO SPIDER (939) 3.2 V6 JTS (2006 – 2010) – buying guide – Motorlegend

Buying an ALFA ROMEO SPIDER 939 32 V6 JTS 2006

Its American technology has greatly put off purists. But the Spider is experiencing renewed interest, especially in V6, a sought-after type of engine. And what a line! beauty and nothing else Giugiaro made an impression in 2002 with his Maserati-based Brera concept. Surprise, it becomes available for sale at the end of 2005. Well, almost. … Read more

NFT, tool to speculate? Not for Alfa Romeo, which is considering resale

1648084392 NFT tool to speculate Not for Alfa Romeo which is

There are plenty of good reasons to be interested in the latest model presented by Alfa Romeo. Not only does the Tonale don head-turning plastic, but this crossover introduces the Italian brand’s first plug-in hybrid powertrain. However, it is not the mechanics of this Alfa expected for the summer of 2022 that makes technophiles quiver … Read more