MiCA finalized and open to NFTs and algorithmic stablecoins – Coins.fr

MiCA finalized and open to NFTs and algorithmic stablecoins

the legislator endeavors to take into account the rapidly changing of the digital assets. Thereby, Mica should allow the regulators to frame theissuance of algorithmic stablecoins and some NFT. In early September, the rapporteur for the European digital asset regulation bill announced that Mica would be ready for October. The schedule outlined by Stefan Berger … Read more

United States: a possible two-year ban for algorithmic stablecoins

United States a possible two year ban for algorithmic stablecoins

Although the final version is still unclear, the stablecoin bill being prepared in the United States House of Representatives would place a two-year ban on algorithmic stablecoins, but also allow banking entities and non- banks to issue stablecoins. Source: AdobeStock/wladimir1804 According Bloomberg, the latest version of the bill would make it illegal to issue or … Read more

UST debacle will ‘probably be the end’ of algorithmic stablecoins – Reuters News in France and abroad

Luna, the sister cryptocurrency to controversial stablecoin TerraUSD, has fallen to $0. The collapse of algorithmic stablecoin TerraUSD has raised questions about the future survival of similar crypto assets. Dan Kitwood | Getty Images News | Getty Images Algorithmic stablecoins like terraUSD, which have crashed and sent shockwaves through the cryptocurrency market, have little chance … Read more

Blockchain: What are algorithmic stablecoins? – Media Patrollers

Blockchain What are algorithmic stablecoins Media Patrollers

Lа fіnаnсе déсеntrаlіѕéе (DеFі) еѕt un ѕесtеur соmрlехе еt еn рlеіnе ехраnѕіоn, rісhе еn ехрérіmеntаtіоnѕ еt еn іnnоvаtіоnѕ, quі rероѕе ѕur lеѕ fоndеmеntѕ рhіlоѕорhіquеѕ еt іdéоlоgіquеѕ d’un ѕyѕtèmе fіnаnсіеr déсеntrаlіѕé рluѕ еffісасе, réѕіѕtаnt à lа сеnѕurе еt оuvеrt. Lеѕ mоnnаіеѕ ѕtаblеѕ аlgоrіthmіquеѕ ѕоnt un ехеmрlе dе сеѕ саrасtérіѕtіquеѕ : еllеѕ rеlèvеnt à lа fоіѕ dе … Read more