Many NFT Projects Lack Adequate Smart Contract Testing, Says Anonymous Founder | Cryptocurrency

Many NFT Projects Lack Adequate Smart Contract Testing Says Anonymous

Last year, Akutars NFT collection sold 15,000 tokens, but a big big one saw $33 million worth of Ether (ETH) generated from sales locked in an unreachable smart contract. Jimmy McNelis, the founder of unnamed tech company Web3, says there are too many NFT projects rushing to market without proper smart contract testing, which could … Read more

Top 5 Anonymous Crypto Exchanges With Low Fees

Top 5 Anonymous Crypto Exchanges With Low Fees

There are over 600 cryptocurrency exchange platforms. Clearly, crypto traders are spoiled for choice when it comes to choosing which website to trade on. However, the main challenge is finding a service that offers all the necessary tools while charging an affordable fee. This article lists some reliable anonymous exchanges that offer highly requested features. … Read more

Do Kwon: new target of hacker group Anonymous

Do Kwon new target of hacker group Anonymous

The group of hacktivists Anonymous promised to examine the actions of the co-founder of Terra (LUNA), Do Kwonsince its early days in the crypto space, in order to expose its alleged crimes. Source: Anonymous/YouTube A video purporting to be from the hacker group noted that, “Anonymous takes a look at Do Kwon’s entire story since … Read more

Lithuania To Ban Anonymous Wallets According To EU Regulations

Key points to remember The Lithuanian Ministry of Finance is considering banning non-custodial crypto wallets. The new regulations also place strict regulations on crypto service providers operating within the country. The announcement comes after the recent decision by the European Union to advance anti-anonymity rules in the crypto space. Share this article The Lithuanian Ministry … Read more

Anonymous cryptocurrency: Edward Snowden helped launch Zcash (ZEC)

Anonymous cryptocurrency Edward Snowden helped launch Zcash ZEC.webp

Edward Snowden confessed to being one of the developers of the anonymous cryptocurrency Zcash. Considering that this kind of private assets are necessary for free trade, he decided not to collect a penny for his contribution. Edward Snowden, the tireless defender of freedom The decentralized cryptocurrency Zcash would not have seen the light of day … Read more

Cryptoverse: Remember When Bitcoin Was “Anonymous”? – Tech Tribune France

Cryptoverse Remember When Bitcoin Was Anonymous Tech Tribune France

March 22 (Reuters) – Bitcoin just isn’t anonymous enough for a growing cohort of crypto users seeking greater isolation. A volatile class of crypto known as privacy coins, created with the primary purpose of hiding user identities and transaction details, has quietly gained traction this month as bitcoin matures into mainstream finance. . Monero and … Read more

Is Bitcoin Really Anonymous? – CNET – Tech Tribune France

1647886045 Is Bitcoin Really Anonymous CNET Tech Tribune France

George/Moment/Getty Images A few weeks ago, $3.6 billion in bitcoin was seized from a Manhattan couple who were arrested and charged with money laundering in connection with a 2016 hack on Hong Kong cryptocurrency exchange Bitfinex. It was the largest financial seizure in the history of the Department of Justice. Law enforcement has gone to … Read more