Concordium (CCD), a Sustainable Approach to the Blockchain Network

Concordium CCD a Sustainable Approach to the Blockchain Network

The large energy consumption by the process of mining and blockchain in general is one trending topic among many others. Many blockchain technologies aim to be more environmentally friendly. Moreover, the tendency to move from a system of Proof-of-Work to a system of Proof-of-Stake is also a revolutionary development in this field. Concordium wants to … Read more

Tech experts call on Congress to take a ‘skeptical approach’ to crypto – Reuters News in France and abroad

More than two dozen top tech experts have signed a letter asking congressional leaders to take a skeptical look at the booming crypto industry. The letter, released Wednesday and addressed to Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, among others, comes from … Read more

Singapore Takes Slow Approach To Crypto Adoption; Won’t Become an “Overnight Crypto Hub”

Singapore was seen as a favorable crypto destination until the country’s regulator started tightening rules regarding virtual assets. But, despite competition from regions such as Dubai, authorities have said they will “characterize their own path” and not “react to what other countries are doing”. Daniel Lee, a former chief entrepreneur and listing at DBS Digital … Read more

Insurers are rethinking their approach to crypto

Many crypto exchanges and custodians have for years been unable or reluctant to obtain insurance due to high premiums resulting from a shortage of insurers willing to underwrite industry risk. Some major exchanges have opted to insure themselves instead. But that’s slowly changing, as the traditionally risk-averse insurance industry — from big brokers to new … Read more

How Should A Newbie Approach Web3, Blockchain Technology And Crypto Jobs? – Tech Tribune France

Web3, blockchain and crypto have become comprehensive terms and have captured the attention of the world with their amazing benefits and gains. This popularity has also resulted in many jobs in these fields. Market growth With an exponentially booming technology market, web3, blockchain, and crypto are expected to continue to grow and grow. According to … Read more

Green Light: EU Approach To Crypto Balances Green Values ​​With Regulatory Relevance

Green Light EU Approach To Crypto Balances Green Values ​​With

Last week, Bitcoin (BTC) dodged a regulatory bullet in the European Union when proposed cryptocurrency legislation was amended to not include a ban on proof-of-work (PoW)-based crypto assets. Policymakers had raised a number of concerns about the relative anonymity of crypto transactions and their environmental impact. Some experts, including Tim Frost, founder and CEO of … Read more

Bank of England Outlines Regulatory Approach To Crypto

Bank of England Outlines Regulatory Approach To Crypto

LONDON, March 24 (Reuters) – The Bank of England began drafting Britain’s first regulatory framework for crypto-assets on Thursday, saying that although the sector remains small, its rapid growth could pose financial stability risks to the future if it is not regulated. Crypto-assets have come under the regulatory spotlight amid fears they could be used … Read more