Does Apple allow crypto scam apps in the App Store? US lawmakers want to know

Does Apple allow crypto scam apps in the App Store

Apple is under scrutiny for how its App Store testing process handles cryptocurrency and wallet trading app submissions. In a letter today to Apple CEO Tim Cook, the chairman of the U.S. Senate Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs Committee asked what “steps your company is taking to prevent fraudulent activity in your app store. “. … Read more

5 Best Cryptocurrency Apps for Beginners

5 Best Cryptocurrency Apps for Beginners

Cryptocurrencies have risen from obscurity over the past decade to become one of the largest and most active asset classes in the world. There are now over 18,000 cryptocurrencies that have reached a peak market capitalization of over $3 trillion. In this article, we will highlight the best cryptocurrency apps for beginners in 2022. eToro … Read more

Google Cloud Now Available For BNB Chain’s 1,300 Apps

Google Cloud Now Available For BNB Chains 1300 Apps

Key points to remember Google Cloud and BNB Chain have partnered to provide developers with access to cloud computing services. The partnership will provide credits for access to Google Cloud, as well as technical support and mentorship. BNB Chain is home to around 1,300 blockchain applications that could take advantage of the offer. Share this … Read more

Crypto scams: A technique using SMS and messaging apps is invading the industry – BeinCrypto

Crypto scams continue their upsurge. One technique in particular is spreading more and more, even going so far as to invade users’ phones. A recipient error as a gateway Crypto scams are never short of inventiveness when it comes to attracting new victims. With the apparent recovery from the crypto crisis, scams are back in … Read more

Fake Cryptocurrency Apps Fool US Investors, FBI Reports

Fake Cryptocurrency Apps Fool US Investors FBI Reports

FBI warns of fake cryptocurrency apps targeting US investors after nearly 250 victims lost a total of $42.7 million. (Photo by Anthony Kwan/Getty Images) The rollercoaster ride of cryptocurrency valuations has recently taken a new twist: criminal groups are increasingly scamming investors with their fraudulent crypto apps, according to a recent FBI advisory. Becoming more … Read more

Crypto Apps – A Useful Tool For A Cryptocurrency Trader

Crypto Apps A Useful Tool For A Cryptocurrency Trader

People who have decided to try their hand at investing have one main goal: to increase their income. Trading requires constant analysis and monitoring, which is why stock market players should track all their trades in order to improve results and catch errors. If a client does not use additional tools, trading will be haphazard … Read more

Meta Files “Meta Pay” Branded Apps Alluding to Cryptocurrency Services

Meta Platforms Inc. — owner of the Meta brand (formerly Facebook) — filed five trademark applications on Friday under the name “Meta Pay.” They seem to be dedicated to a new digital payment platform that will integrate various cryptocurrency and blockchain related products. Review of “Meta Pay” According to applications filed on May 13, Meta … Read more