Brazil and Argentina: hand in hand to set up a common currency

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Two giants against inflation – The global Covid-19 pandemic (and all its consequences) have damaged many economies around the world. Since then, the whole planet has seen theinflation everywhere, sparing no sector, no economic agent. L’SilverInot is plagued by structural inflation that has lasted for decades. Monetary issues are among the major present and future … Read more

Argentina – Airline issues flight tickets as NFTs

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The usefulness of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) is often questioned by some detractors, seeing in it only one form hidden scam, totally useless. Yet there is news that tends to prove otherwise – and that real world applications are indeed possible. In fact, an airline low-cost located in Argentina ad the forthcoming issuance of airline tickets … Read more

Binance And Mastercard Launch Bitcoin Rewards Card In Argentina

Binance And Mastercard Launch Bitcoin Rewards Card In Argentina

Binance and Mastercard have launched a prepaid rewards card in Argentina to help people spend crypto on everyday goods in a country where the local currency is suffering from one of the highest levels of inflation in the world . The card will allow users to buy things and pay bills with Bitcoin and other … Read more

Argentina Central Bank Bans Crypto Trading

Unregulated crypto trading is a risk for investors and financial system, says Central Bank Pressure from the IMF, after a recent debt restructuring agreement, may have played a role in this decision The Argentinian central bank has decided to ban unregulated crypto transactions in traditional banks. Once considered a crypto-friendly country, the pendulum swung in … Read more