Crypto: Ad spend reduced by 90% after bitcoin (BTC) ATH

Crypto Ad spend reduced by 90 after bitcoin BTC ATH

The fall of the crypto markets is doing much more damage than we thought. In addition to being a blow for individuals, it is downright a disaster for crypto companies. Very affected by the current state of the markets, the latter are forced to reduce their advertising expenditure. But not a little! Large firms are … Read more

Underwater, ATH buyers have capitulated according to Glassnode

1648295107 Underwater ATH buyers have capitulated according to Glassnode

At the gate – The markets operate in cycles and successive waves, bullish then bearish. The Data Specialist on chain Glassnode shows how red the last few months have been on the markets. Its latest report notably points to the fact that buyers entering Bitcoin at $69,000 are starting to give up. A little reminder … Read more